• What Do I Have To Consider When Creating A Wiki Page or Article?

What Do I Have To Consider When Creating A Wiki Page or Article?

Since Wikipedia is one of the most wide-spread platforms, it has some policies that you must get aware of before creating your Wiki page or article. Here you will find information on when an article should be changed or created and how a wiki article is structured.

Wikis are collections of articles in which the articles can be edited by any user. It is expressly permitted to change existing articles and to change, supplement or delete passages from the previous authors. A user can also create completely new articles. The only rule to be observed is that each user only makes changes to the best of their knowledge and belief. Those who have mastered this rule do not need to be afraid, because working is not only allowed, but expressly desired. Without the participation of as many users as possible, the articles in wikis would usually be one-sided or even incorrect. In addition, there would be only a few articles. If you actually accidentally break an article, all previous versions can be found via the menu item “Versions”.

When should an Article be Changed?

A wiki depends on the help of its users. Every user can create a Wikipedia page and change or create articles. There are many situations in which you can help improve an article. If mistakes catch your eye, a wording is unclear or you have an addition, you can simply click on “Edit” above the article and change the text. You will soon notice that it is not difficult to improve articles. In this way you help other users the wiki becomes a helpful page for everyone.

When should an Article be Created?

  • If the article writer believes that an important article is still missing.
  • If an article has not yet been created and is considered relevant. It is worth taking a look at the list of missing items. There you can see which articles have been requested and how often.
  • Before you create a new article, you should be sure that there is no article yet. You can find out by looking at the overview of the subject areas.
  • To create a missing article, simply enter the name of the new article in the “Search” field on the left and click on the “Article” button. On the page that appears, you will be offered to create a new article.

Structure of an Article

Logically, an article should be structured so that the reader can quickly grasp what it is about and then deal with the various aspects of a topic. Optimally, the first sentence of an article contains a brief description of the term that is highlighted.

In many wikis you can use design templates to make the information in your article appealing and clear. There you will find an explanation of how you can copy a template and fill it with the correct data with little effort.

If there are no design templates, you can also slide an article yourself. There may already be articles on a similar topic, the structure of which you should copy if you like it. It can therefore be helpful if you first look at articles that deal with similar topics in order to get an impression of the structure of an article. A look at the various subject areas is useful. This also has the advantage that similar articles are also constructed in a similar way.

Assign Category

You should assign the appropriate category to your article so that it can be found in the topic overview by other users. The overview “subject areas” serves as an indication of which subject areas are available in the wiki.

Creating an article or a page on Wikipedia may seem easy, but it has some hassles to go through. Doing it on your own can harm your profile. So, it is highly recommended to count of a professional approach.

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