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4 Essential Tactics You Must Have in Your Digital Marketing Arsenal

Are you confused with hundreds of digital marketing tactics that are bombarded at you in today’s online business space? I bet you are! To make things simple for you, I’ve pared down your choices to only four tactics that when implemented the right way, can help you build a strong presence online. But, a thorough understanding and the way the tactics are used is essential or else you will be wasting your time in the wrong direction and it will also impact your investment.

Social Media Channels

You don’t have to have a presence in all social media sites. Having more than 1000 ‘followers’ on Instagram or ‘likes’ on Facebook will not promote your content and does not actually indicate you have a solid marketing plan either if they are not your target audience. Then you need to buy Instagram likes or Facebook likes for digital marketing needs. Also, you need to find the right channels which potentially attract your target group of customers. Once you have decided the channels, decide on your strategy. Your customers should feel your online presence at all times, but should not feel stalked. So you should post the right posts at the right time and it should not be very less or too much.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that with the right use of a solid SEO plan, even a website that does not have a great design can double or even triple their traffic in less than eight weeks by altering the content with the right phrases searched by the target audience? Yes, still the best way to get traffic and revenue is through good use of an SEO and keyword analyzing tool. Based on your product or brand, find the right phrases to target by using Google’s ‘Keyword Planner’. You can also use ‘Open Site Explorer’ which will help you focus on building your authority in the content market by helping you improve the quality of the content.


Everyone has an email account these days. Proper use of automation will enable you to integrate CRMs and email marketing that takes your product smoothly into your customer’s daily life. Based on your budget you can choose services like ‘Mailchimp’ or ‘Marketo’ for setting up your ‘Drip Email Campaign’. This setup enables you to send useful information and tips on efficient use of your products and much more on a scheduled basis to potential customers. The main advantage of these services is you don’t have to do anything. Once you set it up, they run on their own and saves you time as well as betters your customer’s experience.


Today, more than reading texts about a product people like to watch videos of it because they are more engaging. So shoot videos that say things about your product and upload them on ‘YouTube’ or ‘Vimeo’ to attract your customers. Even Instagram videos are making a big difference when it comes to market the business. But make sure the videos are short and crisp and focus on your product. Also, you can embed them in your website to greet your customers as they check it. When one spends more time watching the videos on your site, the more money you will be making.

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