• How to Take Advantage Of Data Science In Enterprise Software Development?

How to Take Advantage Of Data Science In Enterprise Software Development?

This modern age is all about information. Big data is the latest trend going on in the industry but it is of no use without the expertise of data scientists. Nowadays, more and more businesses are adopting this cutting-edge technology to unlock its power and gain some actionable insights. And it’s the job of data scientists to churn out valuable insights out of gigabytes of data.

As per the survey conducted last year by McKinsey, it is estimated that big data initiatives in the US healthcare system account for 300 billion dollars to 450 billion dollars in reduced healthcare costs or 12 to 17 percent of the 2.6 trillion dollars baselines in the US healthcare costs.

Data processing and analysis are becoming gold mines for business organizations. It is also considered one of the most important aspects of enterprise software development. That is why the spotlight is beamed on the data scientists. With the latest industry experiences, business executives have come to know the value of data science but most of them are still unaware of the value a data scientist holds in an organization. But first, let us look at what data scientists do?

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

The data scientists are trained in advanced mathematics, statistics, and computer science. They also need to have notable experience in data warehousing, cloud computing, and infrastructure design. It is also extended to various fields including data visualization, information management, and data mining.

Now, let us discuss how data science can be helpful to businesses, the advantages are as given below:

Mitigating risk and fraud

The job of a data scientist is to identify the data or a piece of information that stands out from others in some way. They are proficient at building statistical networks, paths, and big data methodologies for predictive fraud propensity models. These models are used to create alerts that can help businesses ensure real-time response whenever any unusual data is detected.

Relevant product delivery

With the help of data science, businesses can now find where and when their products sell best. This does not only help the companies to develop the products that can fulfill customer’s needs but it also enables them to deliver the right product at the right time.

Personalized customer experiences

One of the most beneficial aspects of data science is that it can help your sales and marketing teams to understand the target market at a micro-level. Armed with such powerful knowledge, data scientists can help their organization to enhance their customer experience.

8 ways your business can benefit from Data Science

1. Helping the management and administration to make informed decisions

A skilled and experienced data scientist can play the role of a trusted advisor or a strategic partner to the organization’s upper management. This step is taken to maximize the analytics skills of their staff.

The data scientists should also in collaboration with the executives of the company communicate and demonstrate the value of business data to the staff. When this is facilitated company-wide, the decision-making process can be improved across the entire organization.

Apart from this, valuable insights can also be extracted from the business data through measuring, tracking, and recording the performance metrics and other relevant information.

2. Directing Actions Based on Trends—which in Turn Help to Define Goals

It is only after the data scientists explore and examine the business data that certain actions are prescribed that could help the company with tasks like improving work performance, better customer engagement, and finally as a result, increasing profitability.

3. Challenging the Staff to Adopt Best Practices and Focus on Issues That Matter

Business owners can use data science to keep their staff well-versed and up to date regarding the company products with the help of analytics. They can train their staff for the effective use of the data science system and how to extract valuable insights as well as drive actions through it. It is important for the business that the employees address the key business challenges with a full understanding of the product capabilities and limitations.

4. Identifying Business Opportunities

To develop some additional analytical algorithms and methods, existing analytics systems and processes are tested during various interactions. This is undertaken because data science would need continuous improvement with time to derive valuable insights from the business data. In this way, the companies can identify the opportunity coming their way beforehand and seize it and gain benefits from it.

5. Quantifiable and Data-driven Evidence to make Informed Decisions

The risks of gathering and analyzing information from different channels are eliminated from the list of business requirements not because it was a high stake risk but due to the advancement of the latest trend called data science.

With the help of the existing business data, data scientists develop a few models that can run simulations of various potential actions to know which kind of action would lead the organization on which path and how much outcome can be expected from certain business activities.

6. Testing The Business Decisions

People say that making a decision is like winning half of the battle. But what they explain is that the decisions have a certain impact and the victory of the battle depends entirely on it. So it is necessary to know what kind of impacts the decisions will have on an organization. The data scientists will measure the key metrics regarding the implied changes and will quantify their success.

7. Identifying and Refining the Target Audiences

It doesn’t matter whether it is google analytics or a customer survey, almost every company will have at least one source from where customer data is collected. But the data will only be useful to the business once it is identified as per the demographics.

The beauty of data science lies in combining a piece of information that isn’t necessary with other data to generate valuable insights. These insights then are used to know more about the target customers.

A thorough analysis of the disparate sources of data can help you recognize the key groups very precisely. Armed with such knowledge, the businesses can now customize their services and products for a specific group of customers and help to boost the business growth.

8. Recruiting the Right Talent for the Organization

The majority of time spent by a recruiter is after a mundane task like reading through the resumes. But big data can change it for you. It can help you find the right talent or the best fit for your organization through data points collected by the information available on various platforms like social media, corporate databases, job search websites, and more.

There are various functions like data mining, in-house data processing, and conducting aptitude tests as well as games are handled by data science to help your team with the recruitment process, making it easier and speedier with more accurate selections.

Product’s Conclusion

There is no doubt that data science adds value to the business. The only thing that matters is how you use your data. Data science can be applied to everything from stats and insights for workflows and recruiting new staff to help the upper management make an informed decision.

The top companies are already gaining benefits by using trending technologies like data science and hiring experts in relevant fields like enterprise software development. If you start using data science for your company then you can jump-start your business and provide a personalized experience to your customers, and both things are the most valuable in any industry.

If you have any further queries or any suggestions to make, do not hesitate and leave them in the comments section below. We will address them all as soon as possible.

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