• Cool WhatsApp Status – Latest Collection

Cool WhatsApp Status – Latest Collection

WhatsApp become more and more popular in our life and we always love to update our status as how we feel. Cool statuses for WhatsApp are phrases and aphorisms in which you can express your attitude to different things and describe your experiences.

  • Freedom is not what they give us. This is something that cannot be taken away.
  • The strongest of all is the one who can defeat himself.
  • There are two scenarios in life: either you die in illusions, or illusions die in you.
  • A person who does not like to sit at home simply does not know how to do it right.
  • Life is like a riding bike: if it’s hard to breathe, then you go uphill.
  • Sometimes you have to listen to such nonsense, and then it turns out that this is a point of view.
  • If you want to change your life, get rid of everything that interferes: extra things, stupid thoughts, some people …
  • It takes a man only a couple of years to learn to speak, and the rest of his life to keep his mouth shut.
  • The student learned all the tickets for the exam in philosophy but did not come – because life does not make sense, and we are just grains of sand in it.

Awesome Sayings for WhatsApp Status

Proverbs and sayings of American people have always loved in a special way. In them, to this day, folk wisdom and wit are expressed, which gradually migrate to the Internet space.

  • If there is no good in you, then the truth is not enough.
  • A guest is not a bone; you cannot throw it out the door.
  • One must not live as one wants, but as God commands.
  • Whoever does good, God will repay.
  • There will be a friend – there will be leisure.
  • The best joke is a joke on yourself.
  • If the fire of love is extinguished, it is necessary to kindle it from coal.
  • All the people are wrong. Some more and others all the time.
  • When you’re alone, it’s not bad. It’s bad when you are Zero.
  • Believe in yourself even when the whole world is in doubt.

Statuses for a Girl

Girls adorn this world not only with themselves but also with their sense of humour and subtle soul. This is evidenced by the statuses to which they give preference.

  • Why do I need a guy if I can solve my problems myself ?!
  • In the morning, I decided to gather my thoughts. It turned out that not a single thought came to the meeting.
  • Paradox: beautiful girls are often obtained in the photo so-so.
  • In kindergarten, I had everything – my husband, and children, and superpowers. The best time of life!
  • Alas, most guys now don’t get the one they really like. They choose the one that will definitely agree.
  • I have a place where you can make me crazy by touching it. This is my soul.
  • You can call me as you like, but most importantly, add “mine” to every word.
  • I am always 18 years old! And I ask you to consider the rest as an experience.
  • I can make a million steps towards, but not a single step after.
  • If a girl went out somewhere without makeup, then she has a boyfriend who loves her very much in any way.

WhatsApp Status about Children

Statuses about love, boys and girls, our childhood and about parents, sleepless nights next to a crib, those are very popular topics for reflection and recognition. You can write a lot and in different ways, for example:

  • My resort is called Decree. Thank you, darling! Such a program is rich; there is no time even to sleep.
  • I ask my son: Show how you love me! And he comes up and hugs me tightly, so sincerely. This is happiness.
  • In my opinion, the whole point of existence is to leave life behind itself.
  • Most of all, I want to become a good mom like mine.
  • Before you break down and scream at the child, remember yourself in those same years, stroke him and kiss. And go drink the valerian.
  • It seems to me that only my husband can sleep under the screaming telly and wake up if you turn it off.
  • A man should never complain about his wife or car. And then, and then he chose himself!
  • A happy marriage is when the Spouse understands everything that the Spouse did not say anything about.
  • Happiness is when there is absolutely no time on the Internet because you spend all your time with your family.
  • A family is not just a stamp on a passport. This is a look in one direction.
  • And let my parents be wrong sometimes. All the same, these are my closest people, and I love them very much.
  • Sometimes we forget that Family and Home are the most important thing in the world.
  • Learn to trust your children and not tightly control their every move.
  • Family is the only place where everyone finds love and respect. Here they will never laugh at your weaknesses.
  • Work, loyalty, and responsiveness – this is the basis of family happiness.

Hope you enjoy my latest collection of status for WhatsApp. Feel free to leave your own thoughts with us.

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