• 5 Effective Types Of Animated Videos For Your Brand

5 Effective Types Of Animated Videos For Your Brand

Just the way you get choosy when deciding what meal to have with respect to the time of the day, you have to be careful when it comes to selecting the right video animation type for your brand. You need to check your brand needs and see what type fits perfect according to the market competition and perspective of the target audience.

So, there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration to decide the category of your explainer animated video. These criteria involve the ongoing market trend, preferences of your target viewers and your business needs. You have to create a list of goals you want to achieve through the video. When you have your entire plan ready, you can then pick the right video type.

2D Character Animation

On comparison with 3D animation, 2D animated videos are far more benefitting for startups. 2D animation is less expensive than 3D and these videos can quite easily persuade the target viewers as well. Such videos include characterization and a story building aspect where the viewer gets fully connected with the explosion of emotions the video carries.

Motion Graphics Animation

Much similar to 2D animation, Motion Graphics is a very interesting way to deliver your brand’s message. You can present an idea or even explain the functionality of a technical product. This type of video has the ability to compel viewers efficiently.

Whiteboard Animation

The next most important type of animated video is whiteboard animation. In this type of video usually, a hand is shown to draw the entire script and animation. The video has normally two colors- black and white. Many brands do add a third color- the shade of their brand identity to highlight the touch of uniformity. Whiteboard animation has fewer frames are easy to create. You can even stick to line animation where a single line creates the doodles that explain your company’s value and message.

3D Animation

The best of the animations include 3D animation, as this is the closest you can get to reality. In 3D animation, you create motion graphics in the 3-dimensional framework. A lot of frames are involved as every movement is created digitally. You need to focus on keeping the flow smooth and to incorporate an impactful story within the content that can indulge the viewers.

CGI Animation

The computer-generated imagery is the latest type of animation that if incorporated into the 3D or 5D animated videos can create a blast. In this type, the animated explainer videos have the characterization and entire graphics closest top reality. You can hardly find a difference between animation and real life figures. The curves, color selection, and creation are so fine that nobody can feel a difference. It will boggle your mind and so persuasive that none of your viewers would dare to look away until the very end. This is the challenging yet impressive style in animation and it can be incorporated into any animated video type.

Wrap Up

When creating an animation always keep the audience in mind. You need to know what your viewers will think of you and how will they react to your creation. It will help you make the right modifications and changes to keep your video updated and to boost its online reach. The video will be able to generate better outcomes and can boost the effectiveness at double the pace. So, learn new techniques and pick the right type to bring better outcomes. You will be able to generate more traffic to your site.

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