• 4 SEO Automation Tools You Can't Live Without

4 SEO Automation Tools You Can’t Live Without

Increasingly, the time and effort required to execute successful digital marketing strategies drive the need for automation. By choosing the right tools, you can extend your capabilities and those of your team to accomplish more while controlling expenses.

Use the following tools to automate your SEO activities. When you see how much smarter and faster you work, you might realize that you can’t live without them.


Cyfe is a dashboard that pulls all your SEO statistics into one place. For starters, this can reduce the time you spend logging into and out-of various digital marketing applications. Additionally, Cyfe can help you increase the number of data points you monitor and thereby improve your overall SEO performance.

When you use this tool, a dashboard gives you an overview of all your performance indicators. The tool has widgets helps you quickly connect to popular services such as Moz, Google Search. You can also benefit from its dedicated competitor dashboard and RSS feeds.


Generally speaking, Hootsuite helps you engage with users from around the world while creating the social signals needed for SEO. From its centralized interface, you can manage all your social media profiles, find content ideas and measure results.

Hootsuite can automate social media across multiple social networks and your blog. The service can also help you manage and schedule your content in advance, helping you keep your marketing campaigns on track. Furthermore, Hootsuite has the ability to automatically cross-post your blogs and other content to multiple sites, in the proper format.

Google Analytics

Before you can use Google Analytics, you need to have a Google account. After meeting that requirement, all you have to do is copy some code from your Google Analytics dashboard and paste it into the headers of your web pages. Afterward, Google Analytics will record data from every visit to your website.

Your analytics reports will tell reveal the demographics of your users and help you monitor the performance of your content. Other data, including bounce rates, visit duration, repeat visitors, and page performance will help you target your SEO efforts. You can also integrate your Google Search Console account with Google Analytics to get even more actionable SEO data.


If you knew magic, would you use it to boost your SEO? Well, you have a chance to do just that with the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool. This utility automates the tracking and assessment of keywords, helping marketers and webmasters to make good choices.

SEMrush also automatically tracks competitors and their keywords, making it easy for business and organizations to prioritize their activities. The system is fully customizable with widgets so you can always have the information and reports needed for customers and other stakeholders.

In summary, SEO automation tools can help you save time as you improve the effectiveness of your online strategy. By removing the guesswork, providing performance data, and automating repetitive tasks, the above tools can help website owners achieve success, regardless of the size of their organization or budget.

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