Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2018

As a digital medium continues undergoing changes, the spectrum of web designing continues to exhibit its versatility. It is surprising to see how certain web designers have continued to cope up with the evolving technology and manage their websites with a clear, innovative, and user-friendly style. The designed sites are adaptable to almost all of the devices including laptops, computers, and mobile phone all beautiful at once. The year 2017 has encountered numerous advancements including the usage of the mobile phone completely overtaking desktop browsing. This shows that 2018 has to utilize the functionality of mobile phones in ways one has never seen before. Keeping all these aspects in mind, let us have a look at some considerable web-designing trend emerging to take over in 2018.

Playing with Shadows and Colors

Color psychology is very essential in web designing services. By choosing the wrong color for a certain design, you can deliver the wrong message to potential visitors to the website. Following the rules of color psychology, mean sticking to safe choices when selecting colors and appropriate application of these colors to the website. The trend of web designs in 2018 has broken this tradition. The color psychology still applies, of course, where a sentiment and emotion is associated with the color such as green represents prosperity, blue represents safe choice, red means danger and similarly more. However, the color utilization in designs of today has changed. Current web design makes use of bold colors to leave a powerful impact. On the other hand, the use of shadows has been made to create exciting variations in websites. With parallax and grid layouts, the web designers are playing with shadows to create illusion and depth of the world beyond the computer screen.

Particle Background

Particle backgrounds are extensively used as a solution to performance issues with a video in the background. These animations include low weight JavaScript that allows animations to be created in the background without taking significant time to load. It has been observed that images speak louder than words, a moving image does so, at a greater extent. Particle background greatly grabs the attention of visitor which allows different brands to create the everlasting impression in few seconds only. In addition, motion pictures like these are becoming very popular in social media proving attention-grabbing leads back to landing web pages

More Genuine Video, Imagery, & Articles

A big trend in the year 2018 is the increase in the usage of genuine videos, imagery, and articles. The use of genuine content in the websites helps the brand to stand out from traffic and help in solidifying an original look. It often creates a memorable experience for the visitors. While stock videos and imagery will have their place in applications of web designs, the original content wears the crown in 2018. Viewers return to websites where they find fresh content. To leave the competitors behind and to maintain relevancy, web producers must focus on producing exciting and genuine content frequently. Whether the content is based on photography, articles, or even videos, new web material will keep the viewers visiting back for more.

Flat Designs

Since the websites with HD resolution videos and images takes longer to load, web designers have begun creating simple, minimalistic, and clear structured websites and named this new trend as Flat Design. Although the idea of flat design might sound a bit boring at first, this design focuses on enhancing the usability of the visitor. It declutters the pages and removes all distracting. It also mitigates the loading speed of high-resolution images and videos. Flashy colors, a wide open space, clear structures, simple images, and illustrations help in making the websites efficiently which are easily accessible and fun to use regardless of the device used. An additional benefit of using a flat design is the increase in the search engine ranking of a website. For example, Google & Co. focuses more on the websites that are easy to optimize and load promptly.

Mobile Phone Optimization

During past few years, more and more people have turned toward mobile devices for the internet access. In fact, more people have been found using a mobile phone in contrast to other devices. Thus, mobile phone optimization is the vital part of every web design in 2018. Wed designers are immensely focused on rendering the mobile compatible website. Many developed and medium brands are adopting mobile-first strategy when designing today. Mobile optimization means designing a website to work efficiently on a mobile phone and then organizing the site to fit on a desktop. This often includes less inclusion of high resolution, large background pictures, and effective use of space, engaging designs, and striking colors.

Wrap it up

In the year 2018, web designing trends greatly focus on user experience and navigation. The best way to incorporate the emerging trends in a web design is to pick one object to include, rest of the layout should have a modern feel, but it is not necessary to include every new design technique in the website. The combination of new and classic web design trends will help in making a website design last. The best trends have highest sticking power and 2018 is gearing up to be the part of most fun years in the history of the web designing.

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