• SEO Strategy For Voice Search

SEO Strategy For Voice Search

SEO has left no roots untouched in internet marketing. It has expended its root from content to voice search. The trend of voice search is not going anywhere soon but is in fact projected to accelerate in the foreseeable future. The convenience associated with voice search has facilitated the users to get their queries answered in mere seconds. In order to set our SEO game up, we need to craft our strategies according to the increasing trend. Some of the strategies have been listed down for you:

Strategy 1: Mobile First Approach

The mobile first approach is essential as most of the voice search is usually done through a smartphone. The desktop version place has been shrinking and therefore the same should be done in our SEO strategy. More attention should be centralized on the mobile version of the site, and therefore, flash should be avoided, so that the content of the site can be accessed easily. Every form of content integrated on the site must be optimized to make it more mobile-friendly and accessible.

Strategy 2: Keyword Centralized

The keyword centralized strategy means focusing on the long-lined keywords which may be used by the user for voice searching. The focus of the businesses today is on crafting of the long-tailed keywords, which incorporate the specified keywords which may be used by the speaker.

The FAQs can be utilized for citing these long tailed words as these assist the user by providing them with the valuable content which they seek. The SEO strategy must involve in it the services specification and feature through appropriate phrase and sentences. The benefit of this is that the users will automatically be directed towards our services.

Strategy 3: Optimize the loading speed

Loading speed of the site plays a critical role in strategizing the business SEO. The initial 30 seconds when the user land on the page is extremely critical, and therefore, the site should be load within in, or else the user is likely to jump to another site. The site ranking is extremely impacted because of the lading speed, therefore, make sure you improve your page loading speed for better ranking results.

Strategy 4: Integrate into the Featured Snippets

Incorporating in featured snippets as our SEO strategy can also benefit the business. The Best SEO in Dubai also recommends incorporating the featured snippets as it increases the ranking of the site. Further, it makes the content exhibition more relevant and useful for the user. Doing this will keep you ahead of your competitor.

Strategy 5: Induce in the natural search pattern

The present market scenario and an exciting increase in the search engine make it imperative for us to determine the user search pattern. Project all the natural dialogue patterns which can be used by the user’s and incorporate the keywords accordingly. Doing so, increase the probability of the higher ranking, as in voice search users usually search with natural conversational statements. Developing an understanding of the nuances of voice search can help facilitate business to leverage their growth and development.

Ending note:

The voice search by the users is bound to increase with time. It is just the matter of time before the voice search becomes the prime source of searching by the user to get their queries answered. Therefore, in order to remain ahead of your SEO game, make sure all the points mentioned above have been induced in our search engine optimization strategy.

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