• Online Trading Platforms on the Rise

Online Trading Platforms on the Rise

As technology is advancing at a fast pace, so does our marketplace. You can buy and sell pretty much everything on the internet. Take a look at Amazon or Alibaba – giant trading platforms whose virtual trading offerings made the founders billions, in fact, both Amazon and Alibaba CEOs are currently on the list of richest people in the world as of 2018.

Online commerce isn’t just fad – it is a mega-trend that is here to stay, with companies having to pay less than half the operational cost of physical stores, it also provides a hassle-free procedure especially when selling goods or services; since all your target audience is set up in a public cyberspace. Now finding the right place can mean all the difference.

Decluttr.com is one of the oldest trading platforms that are still operational today and have some the most speedy transaction rates of all the other sites. This website is set up primarily to sell used electronics with promptness and ease. Innovation to the business models has led the site to allow users to buy used as well as new electronics.

Another service that is not far behind Decluttr.com is Igotoffer.com; a website that is very easy to use and navigate through enabling any user to scroll through all the services and process with little to no trouble. Igotoffer.com has kept itself on top its game by specializing in Apple products ranging from iPhones to smartwatches since Apple is the number one go-to brand in the United States and the first trillion dollar brand in the world – it doesn’t hurt to be an expert at evaluating the company’s products.

The process is simple; you either drop-off or get your device picked up (for a very nominal fee), the technicians at Igotoffer.com then begin evaluating your gadget from top to bottom and keep you informed at each stage. This evaluation is thorough and can take some time. Once finished the reps make you an offer and explain to you exactly why they are offering that particular value for the device. If you feel that the offer is fair then you can receive payment through any method of your choice instantly or choose to have your phone exchanged for an electronic of equal value, and if you feel the price isn’t right Igotoffer.com will deliver your device back to you free of cost.

NextWorth.com is the relatively new kid on the block and offers a great page with superb website specs and breezy navigation process. They aren’t specialized or as diverse but they do deliver and are trustworthy. They don’t deal in old desktops, televisions, and as a matter of fact, they only deal in smartphones, tablets and certain kinds of clothes – this is to ensure that the service remains quick and transactions aren’t hindered due to cluttering. The service’s business model is catching on by users and has made onto Lifewire.com list of top companies to sell to as of 2018 behind Igotoffer.com and Decluttr.com

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