Marketo: Why Should you use this Marketing Automation and CRM Software Solution?

Enterprise businesses looking to align and simplify their marketing activities and systems need to adopt a qualified marketing automation solution. It can help provide enhanced customer experience, optimize marketing campaigns, increase ROI by automating repetitive tasks, yield results, boost sales, strengthen the relationship with customers, predict and influence user behavior, and much more effortlessly. When something can give you so many advantages, it makes sense to give it a try. And even surveys indicate that automation is going to be the next big thing, a sort of revolution in the industry. Experts forecast the automation industry to grow to $7.63 billion in value by 2025.

If you don’t want to be left behind in the competition with other equally reputable brands and businesses in the market, then opting for a progressive marketing automation technology can be a futuristic move from your end. Nowadays, you get different types of software out there. Of them, Marketo has been the talking point. It might not be easy for any company to decide whether they should automate marketing tasks or not. And even if they get ready to move on with this option, the choice of a software service can look baffling. These situations may resonate with you as well. But don’t worry because you can find Marketo to be an answer to your concerns and queries.

Those who trust or have used Marketo highlight its benefits for a medium to large organization. Let’s dig into them quickly.

Benefits of using Marketo 


Marketing is a combination of art and business, and it is for those who enjoy delving into this balance. There are countless things employees have to do every day, as a result of which they hardly get any time to focus on the task they can do best. However, a tool like Marketo can come in handy for them. It can speed up the tasks, providing them with ample time to accomplish what is most necessary. They can pay attention to content and strategies that can take their organization to a greater height.

You can say that Marketo is a technological advancement of sorts that can complete tasks within minutes. You don’t have to spend days or hours, as you did earlier. It handles all the less critical but repetitive tasks, creating a room for you to engage in innovative problem-solving solutions, something that you aimed to do.

Feature richness

A marketer has to take a 360-degree approach to drive success for its brand, and with Marketo, handling multiple tasks becomes easy. It can help with lead management, lead nurturing, CRM, email marketing, social marketing, mobile marketing, digital Ads, dashboards and reports, influencer marketing, consumer marketing, SEO, marketing calendars, website customization, and much more.

After having a look at the number of tasks it can manage, you must have got clarity about what is Marketo. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, as you can see, can automate most of your digital engagement processes designed for existing and new customers. It is useful for B2B and B2C players who like to control and direct the entire buyer’s journey.

Customer behavior

With the help of this tool, you can track customer behavior throughout the buying cycle by getting insights about how users navigate your site, what they saw, how long they stayed on a page, and when they dropped in, etc. Along with that, it can also get you additional information, such as a customer’s company name, job, home address, email Id, contact details, and so on. You can retrieve all the data from Marketo’s database easily for analysis. Since it is a Google Cloud platform, you can use it with multiple Google services.

User-friendly interface

Most of the medium and large organizations like it for its interface. For instance, if you need an email template, you can drag-and-drop the elements into it without bothering about your HTML skills. In email marketing also, you get the flexibility to time up everything, right from steps to actions for shooting an email.

Additionally, if you send an email through Marketo, you will find that social components are embedded into it, which again simplifies your job. Plus, you can experiment with different forms of content and tweak it whenever required in a particular situation through email testing.

Due to its drag-and-drop interface and ready templates, you can also generate landing pages hassle-free. Then, it has data capture forms, which you can use for lead generation over a period. Since it is quite dynamic, you can customize content with ease, change landing pages into Facebook pages, and try many other things.

Integration with other platforms

Marketo can integrate with many platforms and increase the speed and value of the work by manifold. Some of the most popular platforms that are compatible with it include:

  • WordPress
  • Salesforce
  • Hootsuite
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Seamless Connections
  • Logic
  • Kurogo Publisher
  • LinkedIn
  • Magento
  • Facebook
  • Slideshare
  • Box

These are only a handful of several other applications that you can use with Marketo tension-free. Such integrations help you optimize the benefit of existing system through new technology. For instance, when you combine WordPress with Marketo, you get to save time, send automated emails, enhance website conversions, display customized content, offer better user experience, and nurture leads. It is just one example of how integrating a CMS platform with a marketing automation platform comes to your advantage. Likewise, you can calculate its contributions to other services and your overall marketing objectives.

Some believe that Marketo is an intuitive tool and praise it for its smooth implementation and use. There can be times when it loses its speed or give errors, but overall it has been able to serve the purpose of its users. Hence, if you think you need to put your marketing endeavors into order and automate tasks so that you get some space to devote your time to more vital tasks, then you can consider giving this tool a chance. It is generally comprehensive and practical. And it can benefit B2B and B2C companies.

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