5 Latest Online Marketing Trends for You

Digital marketing has completely redefined traditional marketing. It has created a global impact on how brands represent themselves to drive sales.  With the world going online, these latest online marketing trends will definitely give you the much needed competitive edge over your direct competitors.

Here are the 5 latest online marketing trends for you to try your hands on:

  • Voice Search

Voice search is here to change the future of the world forever. Voice search will soon dominate the way someone carries out any kind of search. While technologies such as Amazon Alexa and Cortana and complete voice-based search systems, Google assistant and Siri provide replies in the text.  It is believed that over 50% of all searches will be voice-based by the year 2020. For example, when you ask for  “Unibet Bonus Code” you would get the results automatically on your screen or speakers. Therefore, incorporating marketing strategies that enhance sales based on voice search metrics is very important.

  • Augmented reality

Newer ways to connect with the audience and improve their user experience has become important. Companies are using augmented realities on their website to give a better touch and feel of the product. For instance, a glares company can help you put your face on the screen and helps you visualize how the glares may look on you by using your picture to create an alternate reality.  Thus giving you a real-time look and feel of the product. Stores such as L’Oreal are using this for better customer interaction and service.

  • Videos over text

Videos will be the next big thing. Every kind of content will now shift online. Therefore, having better short videos or long videos that deliver your message or impact the audience is important. Have a tool that improves your online presence more than just readable text formats. Use infographics, use better storytelling via videos.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing will never go out of business. Email marketing will always remain the best way to subtlety get into the customer’s territory without intrusion.  Getting into the customer’s mailbox allows you to create direct contact with them. You can choose how you create an impact with them for your products. It will definitely increase the width of your sales funnel.

  • Personalize your content

This has got to be one of the topmost strategies to improve your conversion rates. While you are using digital marketing to generate leads, it is important to make it look personalized. After all, people love to buy where they connect with. Therefore, those who create personalized content will create better statistics for lead conversion once generated.

Use digital marketing technology and churn it in favor of your sales.

How voice Technology is changing the future of business

Voice Technology is changing the way online platforms are performing. With the full-fledged launch of Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, the marketing strategies used previous have changed significantly.

Here’s how voice technology is set to change the future of businesses

  • Payment methods using Voice technology

While this is still not completely rolled out, surveys have demonstrated that people will start using voice interactions as a way of making payments. People want to go more secure and offline by not having a direct touch or connect while making payments. Therefore it is important for businesses to start looking for strategies to improve voice-enabled transactions systems. It will drive the way payments are done henceforth.

  • The future of search technology

Search engines are now driven by keywords, keyboard searches are used by various crawlers to understand customers better. However, all of this will go for a toss in the future. This is a shift that is already quite visible. Most people prefer using voice enable search for faster results. The convenience just went up quite a few notches with these voice-enabled searches. SEO engines and analyzers would now have to pay attention to how voice-enabled systems will drive the traffic to websites and marketing strategies would need to be redefined.

  • More in-depth conceptual analysis and response

In the current scenario, one search on Google will result in thousands of answers. While these answers are rated on Google pages based on relevance, time and others, it is still quite a manual task to go over the results, open different pages and find your answers. However, with the advent of voice-enabled technology, this will only get smarter. These voice interactions will be based on a conceptual understanding of your question and providing the correct answers based on your specific query. Thus saving you hours of Google searches.

  • Voice notifications

Voice notifications will be a new rage. Most people spend half their time in meetings and the other half probably stuck in traffic. People are looking for convenience. After a long day at work, people are too tired to read their emails and scroll through notifications. Voice notifications will change all of this. Just plug in your headphones and you will be updated on all the notifications. Simple, quick and quite efficient.

  • Increased automatic conversation recording

While there are many systems and apps that are recording your voice and conversations, it maybe eventual sold to businesses for better-targeted sales, ethically of course. Most apps ask for permission to use your microphone post downloading. Another feature could be that most companies or employers may use this to record conversations using just one command. They can simply use it to develop and access better opportunities.

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