How to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Email Campaigns

Conducting email campaigns is one of the cheapest ways (and effective, when done correctly) to improve your conversion rate if you already have an established large database with potential customers. However, if we analyze all the emails we receive from different companies, most of them look boring or annoying. In order not to fall to that same trap, today we’ll provide a few ideas on how you could use email campaigns to advertise a business or products effectively.

#1 Include a clear call-to-action

When people see an email in their inbox, they already know the ultimate goal is to sell them something. With that being the case, there’s no point of including large text messages and overwhelm them with a tone of information. Try to be as clear and precise as possible from the very start and include a call-to-action at the beginning of the email, so your potential customer will know what you want.

Most of the people close or delete the email without reading it entirely, so you have to make sure you’ve delivered your desired message (plus the action you want the potential customer to take) early.

#2 Use banners, not just text

There should be diversification in terms of how you deliver your message. Using just text in your email campaigns might be a bit boring for some people (especially if it’s a long text). Considering that the visual impact has a strong effect on whether people will go and check your products or services, then you should probably incorporate banners (like on platforms such as, for example) in some of your email campaigns.

In that way, your emails will look better and will not seem overcrowded with a lot of useless text. Keep things diverse, and the likelihood of your audience going through your emails will rise exponentially, and probably your conversion rate as well.

#3 Email list segmentation

Different people have different tastes; therefore each group should be approached differently. That is why when you build your email list, you should ask for specific details like country, age, gender, etc. (try to get as much information as possible). By doing so, you will be able to split test to see how different categories react to a particular email template (or various templates and types of emails) and later on design campaigns for each group separately.

#4 Multiple deployment times

If your business is aimed at reaching customers from all around the globe, you should know that people will read your emails at a particular time of the day. Considering that there are many other companies using email marketing, in all kinds of niches as well as yours, you have to make sure that your message gets to people when they are active throughout the day and not when they are sleeping.

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