Why Razer’s Gaming Laptop Price Is Worth the Extra Expense

If you want the power of a high-end gaming computer but also need to be able to easily take that computer with you when you’re on the go, then a gaming laptop may be for you. Razer makes a range of well-regarded gaming laptops, but these bits of tech don’t come cheap. They do give you value for your money though, considering their compact size. Here are a few reasons why Razer’s gaming laptop price is worth it, and why you should consider buying one if you need a good gaming laptop in Singapore.

1. High build quality compared to the competition

Razer’s gaming laptops are known for their quality construction and attention to detail. They come with a full range of ports and have a robust construction that can take some stress. The laptop’s screen is designed to resist twisting when you raise or lower the lid and is rigid enough to avoid wobbling when you move around with the laptop on your lap.

The keyboard on the Razer comes with customizable RGB back-lighting. This lets you set the colours to display around the keys and allows you to see the key positions in the dark.

Razer laptops have excellent cooling to take away waste heat. The current models use a vapor chamber cooling system that includes sixty-eight heat exchangers and two fans with forty-four blades each. Even with this advanced cooling they can still get hot though. All that processing power generates a lot of heat.

2. Run most modern games at ultra-settings and high framerates

Razer laptops come with mobile versions of the high-powered graphics cards you might find on a desktop PC. These generally run at lower clock speeds compared to their desktop versions, as this lets them consume less power and give you more battery life as a result. These mobile graphics cards are fine for playing most of the games you might run on your laptop and are far more powerful than the integrated graphics that most gaming laptops come with.

The Razer ‘performance mode’ also lets you load up the gaming power of your laptop by increasing the clock speed of both the graphics card and the video memory that the card uses. This mode also increases the speed of the cooling fans to get rid of the extra heat generated as a result of the overclocking. This can result in some excessive fan noise, but fortunately this overclocked mode is only really needed if you are playing games with cutting-edge graphics and need some extra power. Most modern games run fine in normal mode. You can turn performance mode on and off using the Razer Synapse app that comes with the laptop.

3. You can do more than play games on them


Gaming laptops like the Razer range are targeted at people who want to play games on them, but this is not all you can do with these machines. In addition to the features and functionality required for normal computing, many modern software tools make use of graphics cards to do parallel processing. Tools such as video editors and simulation software often make use of the power of highly programmable modern video cards to speed up the job of processing large amounts of data. Your Razer laptop lets you make full use of these tools in remote situations where it may not be practical to take a full-sized computer.

The downside of many gaming laptops is that they get very hot. Pumping lots of power through compact electronics results in a great deal of waste heat. Razer’s offerings are no different in this area, so you may need to factor cooling in when you use your laptop. If you’re gaming on a hot day and you have a spare cooling fan available, then point it at the laptop to carry that heat away and keep the machine cool.

There will always be some trade-offs when you pack something the size of a gaming PC down to the size of a laptop, but the Razor gaming range does a good job of giving you solid work power in a small portable package. The price may be high, but you can’t expect to get high-powered parts in a compact laptop if you’re not prepared to pay extra. So, test out a Razer laptop at your local gaming store the next time you have the chance, and see why Razer’s gaming laptop price is worth it.

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