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Why are Businesses Adapting to Video Animations as their Key Marketing Strategy?

Businesses are always willing to adapt to various features that will increase their presence for the sole reason which is to uplift their conversion rate. Most certainly video animation is seen as a benefiting asset which is the crucial reason to why every business is adjusting to it. One of the major aspects of animated videos is that they are especially seen as a very effective tool to engage the attention of the audience. While also helping to present your business story or product in the most comprehensive manner possible.

In the present time, the most influential and best contributing video that inspires and best complements various business objects is a well oriented and created Animated Explainer Video. As a matter of fact, it has been known that over 65% of people are visual learners and it also has been confirmed by numerous studies that 90% times when a well informative visual aid is much well-received and better grasped by the viewer’s mind. Researchers and scientist have come forth to state that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Being a prime reason why there has been an inevitable shift towards the visual content on Social Media. Speaking on the bases of a drastic change seen in the stats of sharing video content it was found that in comparison to the previous year there was an increase of 94% video-sharing per person in the United States alone. The percentage had risen to such a high for the key reason that was most businesses have adapted to video animation as their key marketing strategy and as a result, most of the video content shared was business orientated or an advertisement.

Here are a few key points to why a business would adapt to video animation as a better video marketing strategy:

  • Based on the statistics gathered by YouTube themselves: They confirmed that their users watched approximately more than 3 billion hours of video per month. Since viewers invested so much time on it businesses went to project their advertisement on to avail the highest marketing results.
  • 1/3 of the online activities are spent watching a video where 30% are video animations.
  • 64% of the time a business-oriented Animated Explainer Video is more likely to lead the viewer to purchase the product online.
  • 50% of the customers are attained by the attraction that compelled them to purchase by seeing the service/product in the video.
  • Another proven strategy is when a business includes a video animation on their business landing page it results to increase conversions by 80%.

The Overall View and Benefit for a Business to Adapt Video Animation

On how well the viewer’s grasp attention and indulge video animation it is almost certain that consumers prefer video content in comparison to a reading context. As a result, if a business can adapt to the leading preference of the consumers it will result in a better presentation of the brand. The consumer’s fondness will lead to video explosion in content marketing. The collaboration of your business or product in the video animation will result in a form to increase of conversion rate and lead generation of the entity.

The consumers available in current time are not interested in speaking with a salesperson even though they are potential buyers in these scenarios videos and animations display their best aspect to influence the sales. Though animation videos are seen to fit best in various business marketing video contents but then too it is an important task for businesses to consider which video category will best suit their identity and objects to achieve. As mentioned in contrast to the other video categories animation has a staying and appealing visual for the viewers.

Influences a higher Viewer’s Attention

Mostly the internet users are seen to have an extremely short attention span and won’t spend more than half a second on a video to scroll pass by it if they don’t find it interesting enough. As solution businesses have adapted to animation video content as their marketing strategy to engage with more consumers since animation are best to evoke emotions that resonate with the viewer’s greatly. An animation content has the ability to trigger the viewer’s mind by sparking a conversation and influence your targeted audience to follow the story. Results have proven that people are more likely to pay attention to an animation video rather than to a traditional advertisement.


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