Which Brands Should Advertise on Instagram

When it comes to digital marketing you’ve more than likely heard the phrase, ‘content is king’, well this still applies to digital marketing, especially on Instagram, only now you have to add the phrase, ‘quality is key’.  Instagram is one of fastest growing social media platforms and this is an important factor when it comes to which brands should advertise on Instagram.

Instagram is, without a doubt, a visual social media platform and as such all advertising done on this platform must not only have great content but must also be of high quality visually.

When considering whether to advertise your brand on Instagram it would be extremely beneficial to complete a digital marketing or social media marketing course so that you are fully aware of Instagram’s advertising benefits and whether your brand is right for this form of digital marketing.

Instagram is a visual social media platform

There can be no doubt that Instagram is a visual social media platform and as such this crucial aspect must be taken into account.  A business must think ‘visually’ if their marketing campaign on Instagram is going to be successful.  High quality, interesting images have quickly become the most effective way of gaining traction on a social media site, therefore being visual with high quality and captivating images on Instagram is a non-negotiable aspect of incorporating this form of social marketing into your overall digital marketing campaigns.

Getting your audience to engage with your posts

It’s crucial to the success of your Instagram advertising campaign that your target audience and followers engage with your posts, otherwise you’ll soon lose momentum and your campaign could very quickly turn into an expensive digital marketing strategy.

A very important Instagram advertising rule is to never – ever – compromise on the quality of the images you post.  When this rule is strictly adhered to, there’s a really good chance that your brand will flourish on Instagram.

Is Instagram right for your brand?

Due to the popularity of Instagram, there’s really only one way to find out if advertising on this social media platform is right for your brand, and that’s to ‘just do it’.  However, it’s advisable to complete a digital marketing course to make sure you fully understand Instagram’s advertising techniques.

It’s also important to keep in mind that without top quality images and engaging content, nearly most brands would fail at their attempt to successfully advertise on Instagram.  It’s useful to browse this social media platform and take a closer look at what your competitors are doing.  Look at what type of images they’re using as well as their text content, and don’t forget to make note of the hashtags they’re adding too.

Instagram’s do’s and don’ts

So, you’ve decided to jump on board and begin an advertising campaign on the popular social media platform Instagram – well done, it’s a good marketing decision provided it’s done right.

To help you get started here are a few do’s and don’ts when beginning to market your brand on Instagram.

  • Be easily recognisable – Once you’ve created your profile and your brand’s look and feel on Instagram it’s important to remain true your choice of theme and be consistent with your type of posts.
  • Don’t be self-centred – Instagram is a ‘social’ media platform for a reason and that’s to take an active interest in social posts, in other words, take an interest in your audiences’ interests.
  • Include your audience – A good marketing tip for Instagram is to include your audience in a post, for example, ask them a question and engage with the answers that are posted. Or you could offer a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your brand and ask your readers’ opinion of a featured point.
  • Post offers and promotions – A really great offer or promotion makes a high quality image look better and will generate more likes and interaction.
  • Post about your brand in action – A good way to draw attention to your post is to feature a customer interacting with a product or service from your company and don’t forget to tag that customer too, as they’re likely to share the post too.
  • Broaden hashtags – Try to avoid using the same hashtags in all your posts. You can search for related hashtags and use them to widen your brand’s discoverability.

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