5 Best Applications of Data Science

Data science is a multi-disciplinary field which uses algorithms, systems, programs and scientific methods to analyze and extract structured, semi-structured or unstructured data. Data science continues to evolve as a promising career path, this field is thriving nowadays and has great prospects as it requires good technical and analytical skills. One can learn complete data science skills through online courses and college master programs.

Internet Search Results

The search engine results are one of the best use of data science. Google search or Bing search are the examples, you get the related outcomes when you search your desired result. The predictive outcomes derived with the help of machine algorithms and data scientists help to build these algorithms with their work on large amount of data. Now not only text but voice and image searches are also introduced which indicates that large amount of data is processed as there are large number of outcomes. The internet search engines are using our past searches to make our future searches more customized.

Digital Assistants and Chatbots

Digital Assistants (Google Assistant is another example of data science implication. The data is put in useful and meaningful way to help user perform day to day tasks efficiently with the help of digital assistants. The data scientists use machine learning algorithms in useful way to convert speech in different languages and accents to text. The chatbots are also use in similar ways and companies are using it for customer service management.

Autonomous driving vehicles

The self-driving cars are the future technology n the barrels. The companies like Tesla and Waymo are using data science for the predictive and prescribed outcomes of a driving car. Maps, sensors, videos and voice recognition are data that will be use with algorithms for autonomous driving cars.


The healthcare is the best area where application of data sciences is very useful. The use of data science in creation of drugs process can reduce the time lapse which is 12 years (to officially submit a drug). The machine learning algorithms can be used to maintain records and possible outcomes of drugs in human bodies. Another use is predictive medication and virtual assistance to patients and doctors support with the help of chatbots. Th machine use algorithm with the help of data analysis, maintains the records of patients and with past data analysis the possible outcomes could be suggested, which help to propose a right medicine. The most popular applications nowadays are Your.MD, Babylon Health, Ada, and so on.

Customized experiences (recommendations)

Ever wonder how Netflix knows your taste and suggests movies accordingly? Amazon suggesting relevant products? And Spotify suggesting music according to your choice and preference? This all happens with the help of data sciences and machine learning algorithms. The past experiences and usage of data by the customer helps data scientists to analyze the data and give predicted outcomes. The customized layouts are also derived with the help of feedbacks from customers during different touch-points.

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