• What Is More Important the Website Design or The Users Experience

What Is More Important the Website Design or The Users Experience?

It is a renowned fact that your website is the digital face of your company in the eyes of your consumers. Those days are long gone when you could simply set up a substandard website and focus on your brick and mortar outlet, as consumers will conceive your website as a factor in determining your authenticity and reliability in the market. This is even truer in the cases of E-commerce websites which operate exclusively on the performance of the website. These E-commerce businesses have thousands of competitors and it can be very difficult for them to survive if their website is not optimized according to the current standards in the market.

When it comes to the performance of a website, many business owners often wonder whether a website’s design is more important in producing high conversion rates or the user overall experience. The answer is quite simple; both are equally important as a consumer will never invest in a website which has an amazing aesthetic design but also has a poor user interface. Why would they waste their time trying to figure your website out when there are thousands of alternatives which are available simply by the push of a button? This applies vice versa as consumers will never trust website which provides a smooth user interface but has a poor design.

In most cases the best solution is investing in digital marketing agency such as Soderman Marketing, this company was founded in 2013 and provides profound website optimization services. They have a team of website developers who have massive experience in the market and can instantly help your business drive more traffic and boost conversion rates. However, if your business lacks the resources here’s a list of tips which can help boost your conversion rates by a substantial margin.

Focus On the Overall Design  

Ask for an unbiased opinion from a friend or even a random user on how they perceive the current design of your website. Generally speaking, your website should be aesthetically pleasing and the design should entice viewers to go through each landing page. You can easily use a website design template if you cannot afford to invest in the designer, just make sure the layout is not cluttered and that you make use of images and videos.

Focus on your Page load speed

After your fix the design of your website, it is very important to check the load speed of your page. If it takes more than three seconds, your viewers will immediately bounce to another website. It could be possible you have server issues. Make use of free tools such as Google Lighthouse as this will provide you with detailed insight regarding the overall performance of the website and how you can improve loading speeds.

Focus on your mobile version

If your website is not optimized for mobile users, then it safe to say that your website can never perform well in the market. According to studies, 40% of users will choose an alternative website if they get a bad mobile experience from a website. While a staggering 84% have trouble completing mobile purchases so they either drop the transaction or choose an alternative website. You need to understand that the majority of your users will be using their phones to access your website, so make sure your website is mobile responsive or risk losing a huge customer base.

Finally, you should consider your CTA positioning and the complete purchase cycle. Make sure your consumers enjoy a seamless experience while making a purchase as they will not waste time trying to figure out how they can complete the transaction. So your website’s performance depends on a culmination of different aspects so make sure you stay on top of your game. Oh, and if you not tech savvy, outsource the work to a development company.

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