• What Are The Best Smart Home Hubs In 2020

What Are The Best Smart Home Hubs In 2020

Fashionable home hubs are amazing tools to connect your smart home devices. In a home that has an automation hub, you have the power to manage home appliances using your smartphone and get centralized control. You connect your devices using home automation hubs in two ways.

You can connect using the most common connectivity protocols, Bluetooth and Z-wave, which are smart home hub technologies that work by using low-power radio signals. Moving further, they connect devices within a wide-range from a hardware hub. They work by using a mesh network that allows all connected smart devices to act as an additional signal. Having all devices boosting signals, you can connect a large number of devices. This is exactly how Zigbee home automation works. All you need is to have a super-fast and reliable internet connection that you can get with just by a single call to Spectrum customer care. This will help you get better internet services and coverage for your smart home.

Hardware and Software Smart Home Hubs

Many home automation hubs are devices that act as a router placed in your home to connect your devices. But other smart home hubs are simply available as software or mobile apps. You can use the Apple HomeKit that connects to your smart home devices and enables you to control different devices using the Home app on Apple gadgets. This will remove the need for any kind of hardware to connect your devices. This is because the mobile app or the software they use can add and connect devices just like the hardware itself.

Hybrid and Dedicated Smart Home Hubs

Many smart home gadgets come with built-in smart home hubs that add more to your convenience. One popular option that you can use is Amazon Echo Plus. This is one practical gadget, which benefits you as a voice assistant, a speaker and a smart home. However, these hybrid smart home hub options may not get you the power that can support all the smart home appliances. Imagine how many devices you can connect to the hybrid home automation hub.

A dedicated smart home hub takes all the responsibility of getting all your smart home devices connected. These often provide connectivity and support to more smart home devices and devices associated with almost all brands than hybrid hubs. These devices use Z-wave signals and provide connectivity to your gadgets but they are usually controlled by the smart home hub mobile app for more centralized and controlled operation.

To get the best the options for your home, you can get the best smart home hub options as under

Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub connects to Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Hello to see who is standing outside your premises and uses a smart home hub display to let you know about the situation. The small home automation hub and other connected devices are controlled using the Google Assistant voice command.

Key Features

Works using more than 5,000 smart home devices from more than 400 brands to get you broader connectivity

The Google Home mobile app gets you more control when you are on the go.

You can connect using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to connect smart home devices.

Amazon Echo Plus

This is an all-in-one smart home hub that is capable of playing music, acting on voice-based commands with Amazon Alexa. It connects you to other rooms in your home like an intercom. You can use the ‘Drop-In’ feature to get this done. This home hub is smart enough to connect and control devices like smart locks, light bulbs and security cameras to add more convenience.

Key Features

A low-power Zigbee smart home hub that can connect all products for better connectivity

Built-in Amazon Alexa becomes effective when it comes to managing all smart home devices that operate using voice commands

The Alexa mobile app and your smartphone can connect more rapidly with your smart home gadgets

Samsung SmartThings Hub

The smart home hub by Samsung controls almost all your smart devices using a single mobile app. This means that when you connect your smart security gadgets to the smart home hub, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone regarding things happening in your home. Also, the smart home hub helps you schedule devices automatically by turning them on and off using the SmartThings Routines. This means that you will have to worry less about your home even if one of the devices are not working as they should.

Key Feature

Control connected home devices using the SmartThings app to add more convenience.

It works well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and becomes handier when it comes to getting you complete control.

Has both Zigbee and Bluetooth connectivity

Key Takeaways

You can have many of these major devices that can become a valuable asset for your home and help you out in many ways. One of the biggest benefits of these devices is that everything you do becomes almost fault-free. Be it security, be it information sharing, be it managing your household and family and other aspects of your life, smart home hubs can get things for you in a matter of seconds.

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