• Things to Avoid When Building SEO Strategy

Things to Avoid When Building SEO Strategy

We all make mistakes and there is nothing wrong about it. However, every time someone says this statement out loud, you wish you were that unique person that manages to avoid making them. Knowledge is something that can help you make that dream a reality. Of course, you will not be able to bypass all the pitfalls on your way but you will surely increase your chances for success. Hopefully, the following list of main pitfalls will bring you the necessary knowledge to make that happen.

Keywords do not play a key role

If you still believe that using the right keywords will bring your website to the top, you might need to reconsider this idea. Some companies focus on the importance of certain keywords and do everything to pack up articles and posts with them. Unfortunately, doing so does not bring the expected results. You face frustration and demotivation. Is there anything you might have overlooked? You might have forgotten about the conversion rates that actually play the key role in bringing your company to the top. If you flood your SEO articles with keywords without making it useful for the readers, it will lead you nowhere.

The content you create should be valuable for your prospective clients. It should answer their questions. For instance, if your company provides writing services, describe the way one can pay for essay writing and do it safely instead of providing a reader with trivial information about your company. Focus on the value the content has, not the number of keywords you’ve managed to insert in it.

Loading speed is your cornerstone

Do you know what people nowadays value the most? Their time, of course. That is why nobody is going to wait too long for your website to load. The websites of your competitors might have higher loading speed and you will lose this battle without even taking part in it properly. Before you start optimizing other characteristics, make sure everything is alright with this key criterion. You can use special tools to scan your website and check if every page loads quickly enough. Some of those tools will also give you useful suggestions on how to increase the loading speed.

The key characteristic of users

When you analyze your target audience do not miss this crucial point. Make sure you find out which device they prefer to use. If you learn that your audience mostly used mobile phones to access websites like yours, you definitely need to focus on the mobile version. Do not repeat the mistake other companies often make, otherwise, you are going to lose a major part of your prospective clients. Look at the stats of smartphone penetration by countries to have the idea if this is something you need to prioritize in your SEO strategy. Also, note that Google constantly changes its ranking algorithms and takes the mobile-friendliness very into account.

It is not carved in stone

Let’s suppose you have many useful and interesting pieces of content in your blog. You are really proud of them but for some reason do nothing to increase their relevance. There is no doubt that any kind of content gets old with time. However, a few edits can reanimate the piece that has been uploaded a couple of years ago. There are many writing strategies that will help you make your content evergreen. And that is your goal because these webpages will play the role of the main attractions for new clients. Modify the existing articles and write new ones keeping this idea in mind. If you are looking for a talented copywriter to do the work for you, you can use essay help services to get the kind of content you need.

Quality over quantity

You can come up with hundreds of topics that will be more or less relevant to your company. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the number of pages your website has is very significant. The algorithms of Google protect users from websites that do not bring them any added value by eliminating them from the ranking. The penalty is well-known as a thin content issue. Your goal is to produce content that helps users in one way or the other. It does not matter how many pages are there is none of them are actually useful for the end-user.

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