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How can ATS Accelerate your Hiring Process?

The Applicant Tracking System or ATS has become one of the prominent options for an enhanced hiring process. The applicant tracking system can indeed be an excellent tool for ensuring smooth and effective smart technology utilization. How will it redefine your recruitment process? Let us check it out in the following post.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

Well, if you are well versed with the recruitment process, you would have definitely come across one or the other Applicant Tracking System. It is software that is aimed at finding and hiring a better-qualified candidate for a job opening in your organization.

It will handle practically all the tasks involved in your hiring process. Right from posting your jobs, screening the applications received, scheduling interviews and communicating with the candidates – it will handle almost every task all through your hiring process.

How can it accelerate your Hiring Process?

There are several areas that an ATS can improve your hiring process. Let us check out the important aspects that make it a perfect choice for your needs.

It makes your hiring faster

Time to hire is perhaps one of the most important metrics one needs to pay focus to. It would refer to the total time spent in the complete hiring process right from posting a job opening to filling up the position.

This has been made possible because of the extreme performance that an ATS tool would be able to handle these tasks. Most of the tasks are automated. Tools like Greenhouse ATS systems can be an excellent option from this perspective. It provides you access to enhanced performance by helping you build talent pools.

It can help you build a better talent pipeline

The new age ATS systems can be helpful in assisting you with the quality talent pool. The system can provide a centralized position for all your candidates. Thus, you will have access to a huge talent pipeline that includes a list of candidates (and their complete details) who are desirous of working for you.

This can serve to be a good option for any of the future job opening that may come up in your organization. This will be helpful enough to avoid the unneeded cost involved in posting the job openings afresh.

It reduces the cost of your hiring process considerably

Cost per hire is yet another important metric that would have a lot of importance in your hiring process. This would involve all the costs involved in the entire recruitment process – right from posting the job requirement to taking the final hiring decision. This will include all the costs accrued for running the recruitment campaign across different channels.

An Applicant Tracking System can be extremely helpful in helping you reduce the total cost of hire. If your ATS is well integrated, you will find it provides an excellent cache of candidates for almost everyone in your team. In fact, with most of the tasks automated, you will find that the cost spent on human efforts in choosing and hiring a candidate is minimized. This can translate into a considerably lower cost of hire.

Improved Candidate Communication

An effective Applicant tracking System would indeed be an excellent option for engaging in an effective and efficient candidate communication. In fact, a manual mode of recruitment process does not have enough importance placed on sharing proper communication with the applicants.

Each of the stages is communicated to all the parties concerned. This can help you improve the candidate experience further ahead.

Should you go for an ATS System?

Well, the positive factors that come as part of the ATS implementation would indeed be a perfect option for choosing one for your business. However, finding the right one would be a difficult task in most cases.

Make sure that you identify the key areas that you would want in your chosen ATS system. It would be dependent upon the recruitment goals of your organization along with the challenges you tend to face with your recruiting process. An Applicant Tracking System can be one of the excellent options to ensure that your hiring process tends to be more productive and cost-effective. The capability of the service in organizing and tracking applications, handling a huge talent pool and streamlining your hiring process are a few features that you would find impressive and extremely useful.

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