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The Real Difference Between Just a Recruiter And a Great Recruiter

Till the time you are not really the best at what you do (at least in your office), can you actually claim yourself to be the best or be actually satisfied with the work you do? I guess not. Maybe, this is the reason why you are here. Nonetheless, to show you the difference that the best recruiters and mere recruiters have, we went on to study some papers and found out some key differences. Want to know what they are?

Here is the list for you to read and identify where you fall.

  • They act as a career advisory role more than a recruiter while talking to a candidate
  • They tend to make the candidate feel as if they are very knowledgeable and have impeccable convincing skills. Because of this, they don’t even need to line a lot of recruiters.
  • They also have an eye for great talent and strong interviewing skills.
  • They are quite persistent as they can engage more prospects, referrals and close the deal sooner.
  • They have so many contacts that they can build the list of targets quickly.
  • They are also a master of the art of negotiation and they can focus more on career growth than the money.
  • They are also good at creating a relationship with the hiring manager.

A combination of all these qualities helps them in closing the position soon with lesser rejections. The company after selecting one candidate enters the data in recruitment and attendance management software.

Don’t worry, it isn’t tough to acquire these advanced skills. However, the biggest roadblock is the workload they already have. Apparently, all the great recruiters don’t work on more than 6-8 positions at a time. They are also able to find people more quickly for the job position. They avoid beating around the bush and source those candidates that seem to be the right fit for the position.

Here is how every recruiter can adopt such practices and skills.

Do one search project at a time:

The first requirement is trust when the hiring manager and recruiter will have it, the communication will also improve tremendously.

Ask the hiring manager about the job requirements other than the usual ones that you already know. This is the only thing that will help you understand what kind of candidate will the hiring manager end up liking more. You will be able to present the hiring manager with great candidates and it will definitely become a reason for a quicker closing.

The candidate aspect- It is really necessary for a recruiter to become a great one to actually be able to have cordial relations with the candidates. So, even if the candidate is not actively looking for a job or has rejected your offer letter due to some reason, you should not feel disgruntled. Instead, just keep them posted about the vacancies and tell them the opportunity you have for them. Keeping them in your candidate database can actually help you in closing the position sometime later in life sooner.  All in all, there is actually no harm in chasing the right candidates. Just like a company is more likely to hire a person who really wants to join the company, the candidates will also be more interested in joining the company who is looking up to them.

The manager angle- Understand that the hiring manager doesn’t really want a trail of candidates, he has also got many meetings to attend and work to manage. Even he would appreciate less number of candidates lined up if they are qualitative.

Similarly, you also need to create some level of trust with the candidates. What you need to do with them to gain their trust is the career gap analysis. You should tell them how their current job isn’t as promising as the one you are offering.

Clearly, when you will gain trust from both the parties only then a candidate would be selected and then only his data would be entered in attendance management software, that is, he would be selected.

So, don’t worry crossing the gap won’t be that hard. Stay proactive, and enjoy the hustle.

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