The Advanced Guide To App Development

iOS App Development

For many would-be developers, they are hesitant about investing in apps that cater to iOS. However, this is one of the more opportune times to create apps that render to Apple’s phone and tablet. Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, iOS 11 will be here, touting one of the most advanced operating systems to date. Its engineers are positioning it as the spearhead for the company’s virtual-reality efforts.

iOS 11 will open up new opportunities for developers, including new forms of integrations, no tools to toy with, as well as new ways to make a profit. In addition to a whole new frontier for app developers, iOS 11 will also include a overhauled app store, new file storage and infrastructure, and several methods of customizing the iPhone experience – translating to numerous ways for you to fill needs with a new app.

However, there are still certain drawbacks that will occur with iOS 11 that tends to follow every new update. For example, it is a must that your app is compatible with the right Apple product, while simultaneously managing performance and memory constraints that have challenged many iOS developers

Android App Development

Another app ecosystem that tends to be pinned against iOS is the ever popular Android. For those tentative on creating Android apps, you’ll be glad to know that it has the largest global platform share, with it being particularly prominent in developing nations and low-income areas. This is indicative of the general and the population.

However one of the several limitations about developing apps for Android is that the ecosystem is open source – but it is locked down by carriers and OEMs, limiting your breach. This is why Android App Development tends to lag behind iOS when it comes to the adoption rate of its latest operating system. For example, the majority of iOS users are running the latest operating system or at least one generation behind it. By comparison, a limited size of Android users is on Lollipop, which released in 2014. So even though you may have an app that is compatible with the latest reiteration of Android, it may be a dud simply because your target base may not even have the most recent operating system installed on their devices.

Apps For Windows

Another viable platform to release applications and software is the Windows ecosystem. However, apps on the Windows platform tends to be easily monopolized, not having the same reach and availability for indie app developers when compared to Google Play or iOS. Also, some app developers may find that it can be particularly challenging for their app to be discovered in the store. The Windows app store is also reportedly slow and difficult to maneuver for some.

About Appek Apps

Appek Apps is a web and mobile app design firm that seeks to streamline and simplify the process of building applications. It has helped build dozens of popular applications that have been downloaded millions of times, with the service being featured on platforms like Comedy Central, CNN, and headline news. Founded in 2011 by Adam Ceresko, Kristopher Jones, and Andrew Herman, Appek Apps partners with startups to create an app that intimately integrates into a company’s mission.

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