• Smart Money Management: 7 Mobile Apps To Keep Your Finances In Order

Smart Money Management: 7 Mobile Apps To Keep Your Finances In Order

Money management has always been an issue that has plagued both individuals and businesses. Poor financial management can bury individuals in debts. On the other hand, it can prove to be a killer blow for businesses. Thanks to the smart money management apps, tracking your finances is not that difficult anymore.

When is the last time you went to a bank to conduct a financial transaction? I have not been to one for quite some time and why I should I visit a bank branch when I can conduct a financial transaction with few taps on my phone, without leaving my chair, thanks to mobile app development companies. Here are seven mobile apps that help you with financial management and ensure that you don’t have to file bankruptcy or go in debt.

1. Mint

Are you looking for money management app that can do it all? If yes, then Mint is for you. In fact, this is the reason why it is one of the most popular financial management apps. Jessica Mai wrote an article to share her experience with the Mint app. It helped her to get out of debt and become financially independent. With all your bank accounts, credit cards and bill in sync with Mint, you can easily keep an eye on your expenses.

The app divides your spending into different categories and creates a budget based on average monthly spending in each category. Mint also sent alert messages to notify you when exceeding the budget and also tells you about upcoming bills you have to pay. Users can also manage their investment portfolios and see the credit score rating from the app. Best of all, you can download the mint app for free.

2. You Need A Budget

If you want to track your expenses, then you need a budget. That is what this app tells you with its name. Unlike other money management apps, this app doesn’t allow you to create a budget around the money you don’t have but instead forces you to live within your means. This app can prove to be very handy if you are already under debt. It will help you get out of debt with smart money management. It does that by telling you that how you can bridge the financial gap and get out of debt.

Have any questions or want to learn the art of money management? Its live question and answer session and online class with a highly qualified instructor help you master financial management. You can pay off $500 debt every month and eventually become debt free by using this app regularly.Its active accountability partner monitors your spending patterns and ensures that you don’t go off track with your spending.

3. Venmo

If you are looking for a mobile payment system that is both easy to use and effective, then don’t look further than Venmo. It’s easy to use interface and heavy dependence on social networking website makes it one of the best payment system to send payments to friends and family and receive payments from them. Don’t forget to set your social media privacy to private so that you can securely financial transaction without everyone else knowing about it.

4. Wally

Do you want to get your finances back on track? If yes, there is no better app than Wally for this purpose. Its clean layout makes the app convenient to use. In addition to this, it let you take a photo of your receipts and save you from the hassle of entering every detail manually. That is not all, if you have geo-location turned on your device, it can fill it automatically so you don’t have to. Users can also dig deeper to find where each dollar is spent with this app.

5. Acorns

You try to save money but ends up spending your whole income before the month ends. Does this seems familiar to you? If yes, then Acorns mobile app is the solution to your problem. Each time you make a purchase with your credit card, which is connected to the Acorns mobile app. It automatically selects the best funds to invest your money in by comparing the risk attached to different funds.

You might have never realized it but these small amounts could accumulate into a substantial amount of money. It will help you save money and reach your saving goals. The app will cost you $1 but will pay you back by multiplying the investment you made in purchasing this app.

6. Level Money

Say you want to save $100 dollars every month to reach your annual financial goals but with so many expenses coming up, it might be a difficult task. Level Money helps you reach your financial goals by telling you how much you need to spend every month to hit the target. All you have to do is to connect all your bank accounts, credit cards and income with the app and the app will take care of the rest. With the ability to create custom tracker and track month by month spending, you can never go wrong with your finances again.

7. Good-budget

If you want to track your expenses when your smart-phone is not near you, then Good budget is for you. This cross-platform money management app keeps you in control of your finances all the time. Its beautiful interface takes advantage of material design and makes the whole process of using the app an enjoyable experience. With expense tracking features and budgeting tools at your fingertips, you can easily manage your finances in an effective manner. If your financial data is scattered in different formats, good budget app lets you export all the data as it supports data export from QFX, CSV and Microsoft Money. All this and much more makes this app an all-round money management mobile app.

Which mobile apps do you use to manage your finances? Feel free to share your answers in the comment section below.

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