• Don’t Do This To Your Mobile App (10 Things)

Don’t Do This To Your Mobile App (10 Things)

More and more companies now want to launch apps to take the advantages of the mobile revolution. A report from Business 2 Community says that global app market is to reach $77 billion in 2017. Such incredible growth doubtlessly attracts businesses from every industry around the world to rapidly bring in their apps.

Businesses hire app developers and want to launch their apps as soon as possible. But in all this rush, often time businesses forget that the mobile app development requires a lot of focus and flexibility as there are many processes to be concluded and steps to the taken before an app becomes available on stores. Here developers do mistake.

Let us reveal all those common mistakes that made during the mobile app development process.

Including Too Much in the app

Businesses introducing apps for the first time often do mistake by including everything their websites have into their mobiles apps.  They need to understand that an app isn’t a mobile version of the website.

Mobile apps are created to allow users to quickly accomplish tasks. In most cases, a single app is created to perform a single task.

Not considering why exactly you need an app

Many businesses are launching an app because their competitors are doing the same. In this case, they don’t know what exactly their apps will do and thus, their apps fail. Successful apps are those ones which fulfill something and, they do it smartly. They are the well-thought, well-designed and, well-implemented apps.

Insufficient Testing

More than 1000 apps are published on the daily basis which simply means that there is already tough competition on stores. To go with the rush, developers do not perform sufficient testing. In result, their apps carry a lot of bugs which users discover and then make negative comments. Negative comments damage the app for downloads and rankings in the search results. To avoid this, make sure your app goes through a proper testing process.

Keeping all your focus on downloads, not on retention

Retention of apps is more important than downloads; however, many new businesses keep all their stress on increasing the number of downloads. But what’s the use of an app download which is uninstalled just after minute of installing. Try making the on boarding experience as smoother as possible because it contributes a lot in the retention of the app.

Building without solid foundation

Building of an app is a crucial decision. There is the need of deciding a lot of things like target audience, their current app habits and why would they need the app. Many businesses do not apply this necessary thinking and thus their apps fail.

Developing on for multiple platform

Many businesses tend to build their apps for multiple platforms simultaneously. But this is just a costly approach with no guarantee of being compensated. This is why experts say that begin with a single platform and then build for others.

Expecting Immediate ROI

Believe it or not, but of all apps, only 1% or less than them make the actual money. So if you are expecting an immediate ROI, reconsider what you are doing because you will be disappointed if you have not concluded your mobile app development project in the right way.

Ignoring Negative Feedback

The feedbacks are the greatest source of making improvements to an app and to come up with the best of the end-products. Don’t ignore them. You learn from them instead and, make changes in your app accordingly.

Taking The Easy Route

App development isn’t like making a website which doesn’t require too many efforts. There are certain steps – each one will requisite time – to build an app. There is no shortcut. You can’t copy and pest things. And if you still do, there is no chance of success.

Not Having a Marketing Plan

Launching an app without a proper marketing plan is like sending a parcel without proper address. It will reach nowhere. So make sure you have the best possible market plan beneath the app as without, even the best of the apps don’t perform if they don’t bring in to app stores without proper marketing and promotion strategies.

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Sofia Coppol is is the technical writer of Rapidsoft technologies, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development services across the global. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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