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Building a website is a need nowadays for your business on the Internet. Outlining and Development are the means that are vital. Among all other programming languages, PHP is ordinarily used in building the framework for website and web application development. PHP is universally useful, server-side scripting language functioned on a web server that is intended to make dynamic pages and applications. PHP, as a web advancement alternative, is secure, quick, and dependable that parcels more focal points to make it open to many individuals. It is to be given an idea in the matter of what has made PHP Programming as a standout amongst the most general programming language for the Web business. Utilizing PHP as a language has numerous advantages that would be discussed further in the following article.


The PHP is an acronym of “PHP: Hyper Preprocessor”, it is a server-side scripting language, particularly designed for the development of web pages while it is also used as general-purpose programming language. It is widely being used since the language is open source scripting language. The scripts of the PHP are supposed to be executed on the server. Moreover, the language has the flexibility of free download and use as well. The following scripting language is considered to be an amazing and popular language worldwide and it is powerful enough to be at the core of the biggest blogging system on the web while it is deep enough to run the largest social networks, such as Facebook. However, this deep and powerful language has the tendency to be easy to learn as a server-side language for the beginners.

What is a PHP File?

A Php file can be the combination of text, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and the PHP code whereas the PHP code is always executed on the server and the results are returned to the browser as the plain HTML.  The extension of the PHP files is “.php”.

What Can PHP Do?

The PHP is the language, which provides the platform to generate the dynamic page content and it can also open, create, read, write, delete and, close the files in the server. It collects data and can send and receive cookies. It also deals with the database of the websites and can perform different functions on it such as add, delete, and modify. The PHP is also used to control the user-access on the web pages whilst it can also deal with encryption of the data. PHP provides the diversity since it does not limit the output to HTML. It supports the output of images, Flash movies as well as PDF files. It can also provide the output of any text such as XML and XHTML.

Why PHP?

The PHP provides the flexibility of execution on the different platforms as it supports Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Unix etc. it also makes user free from compatibility issues since it is compatible with almost all the servers that are being used in today’s world for technology. The language supports the diverse range of databases and is undoubtedly easy to run efficiently on the server side. The language has numerous advantages that the developer and user can get and along all these things it is easy to use and learn as well. The bonus makes the language more popular among the developers.

When is PHP best to use?

PHP is best to use when developers need to develop server-based web application though there are several alternatives these days for the server-based applications, PHP is the still widely being used. The main reason for that is it is best for the beginners and easiest to understand. The tags used in PHP are so similar to the commonly spoken language which makes it more understandable as well as easy to memorize. The simplicity of the language makes it unique and admirable in many places.


The programming and the designing language which is generally being utilized named PHP has the short history as well. The accompanying article puts the light upon the short presentation of the language and in addition its essential things and significance all around the globe. It likewise characterizes why the language is being utilized all inclusive and how it is the best choice for the apprentices for building up the server-based web application.

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