• Maximum Focus On Your Business: How To Use A Minimalist Approach To Save Your Money and Time

Maximum Focus On Your Business: How To Use A Minimalist Approach To Save Your Money and Time

We all want to save more time and money. These are 2 of our most precious resources so managing them wisely is a must.

To take back control of these, consider using a minimalist approach. Less can be the answer to all of your financial and time management issues. Here’s what you can do to turn things around:

1. Track everything.

According to Business Insider, most people aren’t aware of how much they spend or how many hours they waste on a daily basis.

Track your spendings for a few days to see what expenses you have. Assuming your earnings are fixed, that doesn’t need to be monitored right now. It’s a different story when it comes to your own business. If you’re a freelancer or business owner, though, you’ll want to know more about your income too. Once you know where every dollar is going and coming from, you’ll be able to manage your finances better.

For better time management, use a simple time-tracking app or simply write down anything you do over the course of a few days.

2. Remove the unnecessary.

When you track all your spendings (including also your precious time!) and noted down enough data from at least 3 days, you can come up with surprising conclusions which can have a huge impact on your business.

To take better care of your time, look for the things you do that don’t actually lead to anything good. Start small. Some activities are meaningless while other behaviors or habits are just what we’re used to doing. But removing something that takes half an hour here and there can allow us to have more freedom.  Many minor pleasures such us watching youtube, checking the data which are not your priority at the moment or even flirting with a woman over a text  can be fun, but only if done in moderation.

This same amount of time can then be invested in organizing our day, completing small tasks from our to-do lists, making calls or answering emails, or just relaxing.

3. Seek meaning.

Minimalism brings happiness for many reasons. For a start, living with less (things, people, thoughts, etc.) allows us to let go of most of the burden in our lives and make them simpler. That brings peace of mind, we can breathe freely and have more time to do things we enjoy.

You should do the same about your time and money. Once you eliminate the unnecessary, focus on the rest. It could be the tasks in your weekly schedule that need to be done and might bring you closer to your goals, or just free time spent with loved ones. It could be cutting expenses and instead, putting these funds in a savings account so you can work on your financial independence. Manifesting what you want from yourself and your business happens easier if your head and your environment are simple and clean.

It applies also to your personal life, (or mostly, isn’t your personal life the most important treasure you have?). Less is more. It can also mean to shop less often ad only when you need something, but to spend as much as you can when traveling so you can get to know another culture and have the time of your life.

4. Use mindfully.

Last but not least, you need to form certain habits so you can use your time and money wisely. You need to respect them, appreciate each minute and dollar you have and invest it in something that matters.

A minimalist approach to money and time management will make you live in abundance in no time. You will have more time for yourself if you learn how to manage it better and ditch the distractions and unproductive activities. You’ll also feel more financially stable if you stop shopping without a purpose and start saving instead and only spend on experiences instead of possessions.

 When you actually work on a project or decide what to buy or invest in, make sure you enjoy it.

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