How To Get Started With Hobby RC Vehicles

RC industry has revolutionized the world by its interesting devices that mainly include cars, trucks, aircraft, drones, toy boats. This industry is serving with its best product to ensure maximum entertainment people can achieve. Many boat toys are very common among children and they show a keen interest in driving these toy boats. There are some emerging types that are common in people that include:

  • Fun sport
  • Scale
  • Sailboats
  • Racing sailboats
  • Racing power boats
  • Combat
  • Tugboats

Fun Sport

These sports boats are the most common type of boats that are electrically powered and can attain a speed of up to 20 mph. These types of boats are actually known as “hobby grade” that is mainly found at hobby shops and retailers. “Toy grade” boats are generally much slower than this because its maximum speed is usually less than 15 mph.


Scale boats are basically full boat replicas. These are not used most commonly as it is similar in look as submarines.


Sailboats are actually run by the wind that is acting on sails that propel the boat. Model sailboats are controlled by radio transmitter which is in the hands of the operator with a receiver in the boat. Basically, the radio receiver is connected to two electric motors powered by two batteries.

Racing Sailboats

These are the boats used for racing purposes. As racing rules for these sailing boats are governed by an International Sailing Federation. These boats are perfectly designed for racing purposes as it is big and can run effectively in water.

Racing Power Boats

There are many types of power boats are present that categorized according to their racing type along with the engine power and capability. These boats are basically electrically powered and also found in internal combustion and steam powered category. These boats usually have two controls that include rudder which is outboard or stern drive and the other one is throttle control. these RC boats are designed to attain maximum speed and they are for the straightaway racing type.


It is a competitive offshoot RC (radio control) model that is basically for warships hobby that basically involves the firing of projectiles that are propelled by gas, they are not for regular basis drive. It is only suitable for certain events where competition is taking place to award winner in this category.


Tug boats are similar to scale drive systems. They also use propellers and rudder. As it is similar to scale boats they are normally used in common boat events.

Although this category of RC is also very exciting and comprise of many emerging and interesting toy boats like Feilun FT011 which is according to the interest of many people. In short, this is found to be very fast growing RC category that attracts people towards itself because of certain adventurous drives that take place in water that is common in adults as well as in children who not only watch this but try this because these toy boats have fun for everyone from beginner to expert.

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