• Do You Have Electronics You Don't Use? Make Money by Recycling Them!

Do You Have Electronics You Don’t Use? Make Money by Recycling Them!

In the modern world, we are never far from our phones, and time spent in front of a television usually involves a second screen experience, too. With technology such a constant in our lives, it should come as no surprise that we produce a staggering amount of electronic waste — 2.25 million tons — every year. With so much waste being produced, it’s important to find effective ways to dispose of it. If you have an old phone, laptop, television, or another electronic device you no longer need, here’s why you should choose to recycle your product with ecoATM.

Devices Are Non-biodegradable

Do You Have Electronics You Don't Use? Make Money by Recycling Them!

On the most surface level, if you believe in recycling your non-biodegradable items then you need to be recycling all of your old electronics, as they are full of parts that will not break down over time. Every time you send an electronic device to a landfill you are sending over a product that consists primarily of components that will remain in that landfill unharmed for many generations.

They Have Toxic Materials

While failing to properly break down would be bad enough, electronic devices actually pose an even bigger risk. Many of the components of your electronic devices, such as the batteries, contain elements that are toxic when not properly contained. Simply throwing out your old device can allow those toxic elements to leach out and create a safety hazard.

Your Security Is Important

Many people misunderstand security when it comes to digital devices, and think that as long as they delete their files off of a device then there is no more risk. In reality, if your device is not properly disposed of and wiped, then falls into the wrong hands, your sensitive data can be recovered and cause you real problems. When you recycle your device with a reputable e-waste recycling company you know that you’re safe and protected.

You May Be Required to Do It

The risks associate with improper disposal of electronic devices are well known now, so it stands to reason that some measures have been taken to reduce the risk that electronic waste poses. Everywhere from the federal to the local level, regulations exist designed to help maintain public safety by ensuring that hazardous materials aren’t improperly disposed of. If you simply throw your old electronic devices out in the trash, you may be opening yourself up to fines or other punishments.

You Can Make Money

Not only can improper disposal cost you money, but with ecoATM, proper disposal can help you put some more money in your pocket. What is ecoATM? It’s a recycling program where you offer electronic devices you no longer need or want. The devices are assessed for quality and then you are offered a price in exchange for the superfluous electronics. If you like the offer that is made, you simply make the trade and walk out with cash. Not only is it good for the environment, but you turn an electronic device you no longer wanted into money you can spend on things you do.

Whether your phone or other electronic device has broken or you simply are ready to upgrade to the newest edition and no longer need it, throwing your old devices away is never the right answer. From the environmental benefits of ensuring that your device is properly disposed of and not creating nonbiodegradable and toxic waste to the personal benefits of getting cash in return for the device, there are many excellent reasons to opt for recycling instead of trashing it. So, don’t make the mistake of improper device disposal again. Always recycle your old electronic device.

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