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Challenges faced by mobile app developers

Let’s start with a question- Are you planning to develop an application? If yes, congratulations, it is the starting of your success journey but remembers even the slightest mistake in the idea of your mobile app development, it can cause you huge loss. Loss in terms of resources, cost, time, hard work and many more.

There are already millions of mobile applications in the market and in order to compete with the existing ones, you need to know a few things before beginning your mobile app development journey. These few things are- knowing the cost of developing an app, time taken to develop an app, challenges faced by the app developers throughout the process, tech stack to choose, and many more.

Except for the upcoming challenges, everything can be measured and understand by asking other people of the same field or reading hundreds of articles written on the internet. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand the challenges which you might face while developing your mobile application.

Let us face them one by one-

Creating apps that get noticed

As mentioned above, there are millions of application in the app store and in order to survive the tsunami of those apps, you are required to create an app which looks great.

Great not in terms of color and design but also in terms of content, its uniqueness, its purpose, its UI, UX and many more. It should be so amazing that users cannot resist using it every now and then. Instead of making your application a colorful masterpiece with loads of colors, design, graphics , etc, keep it simple, pleasant and easy to use.

Getting funds for apps

Having a revolutionizing app idea is not enough, you might want some funds to transform your app idea into reality. Depending upon the nature of your mobile application, the fund will also vary.

But the question remains concrete and solid and that is how will you get money for your app?

Well, the answer is pretty simpler, you can approach investors who might be willing to invest a few in your application project, you can also try your hand in crowdfunding. And if not this, banks can be your option and friends and family is the last one.

Whosoever is your way to raise funds, make sure to thoroughly check everything before going ahead.

Development technology

After this, the next challenge you will be facing is developing technology for your application- be it hybrid, native or cross-platform.

In such a situation, a bit of research can help you. Check out the hundreds of articles written on the internet regarding the difference between these development technologies.

Remember, your indecisiveness regarding your mobile application can result in over-expenditure, waste of resources, money, hard work, time, etc. Hence, take time but nothing but the best and relatable development technology.

Believing one size fits all

When it comes to a mobile app development process, it is better to understand that one size does not fit all.  Another challenge faced by the app developers is the different screen sizes and devices that the app will be required to run on.

If you think that developing your application as per the certain screen sizes and devices is an option, you are wrong. You need to design your app in such a way that it will perfectly sync with the device and screen size flawlessly.

Different operating systems

Not just finding the development process, screen sizes, there is another challenge waiting for you to overcome, i.e, the right operating system.

You need to choose between – Android, Windows, or iOS, as each of them has their own set of UI objects and patterns.

Hence, it is vital to know the difference between them before developing your mobile application.

Mobile app promotion and marketing

If we categorize the app development, we can say one thing is designing and developing the app and another thing is to promoting and marketing the application.

Developing the application is not the ultimate task, you need to promote and market it also and let people know that there is something unique coming in the market to help them more,

Check out various tools or ask for help from professionals who carries expertise in mobile app marketing.

Well, these are a few of the challenges among many faced by mobile app developers. The list does not end here, with the passage of time and the emergence of better technology and techniques, the challenges are likely to increase. Among all these, one thing is sure, if you choose things as per the trend, requirement precisely, you can definitely make a presence in the market.


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