A Guide to Create Robust Business Website: Custom Web Design vs Template Design

There is no rocket science involved to prosper in the tough landscape of digital industry nor any groundbreaking strategy involved to bring innovation to your doorstep. However, there are some simple criteria that all revolve around user-experience. The basic rules to supersede your rivals while successfully building up a robust website involve:

  • Fast speed
  • Immersive layout
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • SEO optimized
  • Unique

The five fundamental tips ensure greater success and enhance accessibility to your site while converting greater traffic into potential leads.

Now the battle to choose between custom web design and template still hang in balance. Go through the individual pros and cons summarized below and compare them with the five aspects stated above you will find it easy to pick the winner. Let’s begin reading:

Custom Website

A Guide to Create Robust Business Website: Custom Web Design vs Template Design


Unique Design

Every business encompasses unique characteristics that sketch an identity. To deliver it to your target audience you need to create a sort of layout that surely differs from that of other brands. Similarly, when talking about websites, it is you who knows what’s important and what’s not. With the help of custom websites, you can put together the best parts first after that place the cherry on the top to amuse and delight your customers with a perfect first impression- the lasting one!

Having a unique design means, you can edit and improvise it with time, no need to be the slave of your own design technique. Custom designs do have a template where you have options like edit, upload, reframe and many other features to add a personalized feel to your site.

Scalability and Manageability

The moment a hair-brained idea pops into your mind, you can quickly ask your developer to incorporate it into the layout. You can add whatever elements you like to make your business approachable and likable. From adding pages of projects to portfolios, review sections to contact details each page can be beautified with individual aspects and gems. Moreover, the site shows faster speed and makes in-tab navigation easier without any trouble to wait for longer loading durations. Everything gets a click away!


When you set yourself to work on your site you handpick the most productive, engaging and efficient elements. From choosing captivating images to proper positioning your content, from adding interactive features to making the layout extremely immersive, you can play around with every sort of technology when you have a custom website on the screen. It makes your site fully optimized and updated. No mundane shades and poor shadows, only perfection!

Cons of Custom Website Design

Time and Cost

The major two cons of a custom website are time frame and project cost.

To design an entire website according to your terms and conditions it requires to consult an expert web design company having programmers, SEO professionals, experienced copywriters and product branding, specialist. To work with such a qualified team you need to load your pockets with huge bucks as well. You must have heard that famous quote” No Pain, No Gain!” Similarly, you have to bear the loss of money to get the thing you want.

Furthermore, a custom website requires so much time to get fully completed and uploaded. It may take a month or so depending on your list of requirements and the technicalities it involves.

Template Websites

A Guide to Create Robust Business Website: Custom Web Design vs Template Design


Pretty and Professional Designs

With website templates, you can have the exact design as shown in the template with the option to change colors, fonts and basic elements other than the entire theme. Most people choose the one they feel goes perfectly with their business, so there remains little need to carry out any amendments. The only thing that bothers is that someone else must be having your exact looking site (in a different color maybe).

Cost- Effective

As there is no hustle and bustle in designing the layout and carrying out technicalities like those involved in custom design it is much reasonable to design a template website. The only cost involved is the templates cost and if you plan to consult professionals than you have to pay an extra amount that’s all it takes to get a site ready to rock and roll!

Time Efficient

As the templates are ready to use there is no cost in building up a site from scratch and taking care of every smallest corner. It takes a day or two to get fully prepared to be uploaded.


Limited or No Customization Option

Template website is good for the only handful of companies- those who only need to share their information and their major dealings are governed by their offices. Nevertheless, for brands whose website are the only source of their survival on the browsers, they need to go for an option that ensures customization facility, which templates do not offer.

For example, template websites are not mobile friendly- that’s a huge down-note! Therefore, if you are ready to step away from adopting modernization you can count on template designs.

You May Get the Support or Not At All

There are two kinds of templates one that a private company develops to help people with lower budgets and the other one are those available on big platforms like WordPress. If you follow the former condition, you may get the support to the platform directly from the developer but in case of the latter one, you may never be available to access the support. So, yeah things do get little complicated.

Wrapping Up

After pondering on the facts listed above, it seems that custom website design wins the battle. Though it is expensive but it worth it!

It will fulfill all the basic requirements to build a successful business website and will help you to prosper at double rates compelling target audience and converting greater leads. With a custom website, you will get a platform that will completely embody your brand and depict the next level of professionalism along with providing a personalized feel. Moreover, you can get the opportunity to add advanced techniques like AI integration and immersions in your design without affecting the speed of your site. I hope now the balloons of your confusions are busted.

Enjoy Happy Website Building!

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