7 Simple Ways to make your WordPress Site Ideal for SEO

Don’t you find it odd that despite the constant emergence of WordPress websites, only a few remain to top the list in the search engines? I sure know I do. WordPress being an open CMS platform has opened boundless doors for opportunities to everyone and anyone around the globe. Having my own WordPress site, I have struggled to keep the website ranking high. These struggles have illuminated the tools which have mitigated the time and eradicated the practices which instead of amplifying the results misallocated the resources. Search engine Optimization is the answer to all the misgivings I had related to ranking. Through the application of SEO on the site, the statistics of my site have boosted exponentially. The simple ways which I have adopted and continue to do so are as follows:

Get those SEO plug-ins installed

I can oblivious to the difference the SEO plug-ins can make until I got one. It is not working to consider it as an essential to a WordPress site. Incorporating an effective SEO plug-in automates the various aspects of the SEO on the site. The pages are optimized as they ensure that the tags are in accordance with the dedicated keyword. Through it, various replication of the content is also minimized. These plug-ins structures the site, tags, Meta descriptions, page titles, archives, and a lot more. All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO are the two most preferred plug-ins which provide the website so various other SEO options, aimed at improving the traffic at the site

Center the attention on key phrases

Integration of the key phrase can ultimately improve the site ranking. Fathom a relevant keyphrase with the site and use it for driving the traffic paving way for new leads. These can be incorporated in the blogs at homepage which assists in building an organic sharable content. I made use of the Google external keyword tool to look into the popular keywords which the target audience types to search the offerings I provision. All you have to be careful with is the selection you make to attain the results you seek. At the left of the tool, choose the ‘All Countries and Territories’ and then ‘Exact match’ at the right get the desired outcome.

Utilize the Pingbacks

The links incorporated in the site can accelerate the progress towards the top ranks in the search engine, though I learned it the hard way. Being mundane and isolated in the industry has never been beneficial especially for a site. Focus on the establishment of the contact with the other people through supporting their site, the act which is reciprocated very often. Enabling the WordPress option for notifying the other blogs of the link usually facilitates the practice and amplifies it.

SEO Optimized Theme

I cannot emphasize the importance theme selection has in determining the site rank. It is not only bounded in the parameters of site outlook and functionality but expands to the SEO as well. An essential factor in Google SEO algorithm is the theme speed. Therefore, choose a theme which loads a site in 1.5 – 2 seconds as these are favored by the search engines. In addition, also consider the offering the theme makes such as the new options for heading tag and more, which provides better visuals and comprehend the content and its structure.

Website Structure

The site architecture is an integral part of the WordPress and its rank determination. It ensures that site is well organized, and navigated which makes it easy for the bots crawler to index the site pages improving the ranking in the search engine. This also improves the user experience as they can easily find the information they seek and comprehend it efficiently. I determined the site architect for usability by examining them through a live demo.

Responsive WordPress Design

Ensuring the responsiveness of the site is essential. Make sure that it is compatible with the various ubiquitous devices which the user happens to use for accessing your site. The better site performs the more it positions accelerates in the search engine, as its SERP exhibition is high.

Updated Content

The content update frequency dominates the ranking factors list. I have witnessed the sigificant difference in the site statistics once I started incorporating and updating the fresh content on the site. The boast it brought in the ranking through the SERP consistency is noteworthy. The content relevance of the search results is also important. One strategy that I have adopted and continues to do so is scheduling of the post, which assists in tracking the site and keeping the content according to the target audience interest.


Regardless of the aim behind your WordPress, following the illustrated ways, you can amplify the ranking of your site in no time. These can leverage the site benefits and amplify your progress towards accomplishment of your aim more efficiently.

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Sana Ahmed is an Educator, Motivational Speaker and Blogger at Professional Academic Writing Service in Karachi.  She remains active on as an academic and social media specialist. She is passionate to guide the students about their academic associations and career.


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