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How To Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy: 3 Simple Tips

In a time where the online ecosystem is constantly expanding and algorithms are ever-evolving, it can be incredibly hard for businesses to create digital marketing campaigns that are relevant and effective. But, if they don’t stay on top of it, they could risk losing out on business to their competitors.

The good news is that whatever size your business is or whatever industry it sits in, there are plenty of small tricks you can do to enhance your digital marketing strategy and keep it strong and long-lasting. All you need is the right know-how.

To learn 3 simple tricks that could improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy, keep reading.

1. Take advantage of specific ad targeting on Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing tool – if you use it correctly.

One of Facebook’s ad features is that you can customise the ads to target specific audiences and demographics, based on their age, gender, location, occupation, relationship status, education, interests, political views, etc. The more specific you target each ad, the more likely it will be seen by your intended audiences. Simply select the “Detailed Targeting” option and click what applies to the ad in question.

For example, if you are a pizza business and you have a special “meal for one” deal on that targets students on a budget, be sure to select the relevant criteria such as “Student” and age group between 18-22. This way, your ad will be a lot more effective.

2. Create dedicated landing pages

Ads are incredibly important for attracting leads to your website, but if your ad doesn’t lead to a relevant landing page that is designed using https://bestlandingpages.software/ to guide a lead down your sales funnel, your ads will be redundant.

As a rule, your ad should click through to a landing page that is dedicated to the exact product or service it is presenting, so that the consumer is compelled to convert. For example, if an online user clicked on an eCommerce clothing business’ ad for “Black Walking Boots”, they should be sent to a page that is dedicated to black walking boots only – not the store’s homepage. If a user has to work hard to find what they’re looking for on your site (i.e. click more than once), they will most likely click away altogether, and probably visit your competitor’s site, instead.

Design landing pages that are direct, easy-to-use and include incentives push a user to take action – whether that be to “buy” or to give their contact information. If you don’t have the expertise in-house, engage a specialist website design and development agency.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of content

Content is a huge element of marketing because it can majorly enhance your SEO strategy meaning that your website is more discoverable on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and will drive more organic traffic. The more discoverable and visible your business is online, the more traffic it will garner, meaning the more leads you will generate, and the more sales you will achieve.

Content marketing is about digitally distributing “shareable” content across multiple platforms. Good content should be informative, unique, engaging and educational. Content can come in many forms, e.g. blog posts, white papers, news articles, videos, images, podcasts, etc. Different businesses and industries suit different forms of content.

Because it is now so easy to create and share content, the internet has become very saturated and it can be hard for businesses to stand out. However, the better “quality” your content is (i.e. if it is a blog post about a subject matter it should be original and comprehensive), the more SEO-optimised it is with keywords, and the more “shareable” it is, the more effective it will be.

However, because algorithms constantly shifting, it’s important to stay abreast of them to ensure you are creating the kind of content that will gain traction and authority.


There is a lot that goes into creating a strong digital marketing campaign, but the above 3 tips are simple yet effective. Implement them today and see some great improvements.

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