• 13 Simple Tools To Create Animated GIFs, Images, and Videos

13 Simple Tools To Create Animated GIFs, Images, and Videos

Despite the many visuals you have created so far it’s always difficult to garner attention and to think of ways that can help you increase the level of productivity of your content. You have to carry out deep research and gather resources that can help you add a creative spark in your content, yet you find it complicated to engage the target audience. 

Why? Because of the technology advances so are the trends and the perspectives of the target users. You have to invest more effort to create a kind of video that is flawless and has the utmost finishing. You want to create the kind of marketing asset that cannot only hold the attention but is able to deliver the message most efficiently. So, the easiest way to achieve it is by getting your hands on some of the leading tools and software. 

Here is a list of tools that can help you out in making cool and interesting videos for your brand. So, read on!


The tool WhatFix is used to guide the online users about the ways they can a certain procedure or technique. It creates a widget for you that your viewers can watch easily. The tool is best used to showcase the functionality or services your web pages offer. The procedure to create the widget is a bit complicated but once you are through you will get to enjoy the many benefits.


Creating a GIF can become a lot easier if you are equipped with GIFBrewery. The tool is full of amazing features and tools that can add a creative spark to your GIF making. You can lessen your time of creation and dig out better outcomes. The tool is used to increase the appeal for the viewers and help in attracting a huge traffic. You can play around with different text and videos, or make a combination of both. There are many possibilities to sue the tool.


Have you ever thought about using screen capturing tools to make fulfilled GIFs? Well, here is your chance to unleash your hidden talent and practice some of the most amazing techniques that can increase the level of engagements and make you garner the attention of your target audience. You can record the screens and turn them into GIFs to be used on any platform. It’s a free tool and is responsive to be accessible on Windows, IOS or Android.


If you are looking for a tool that can help you make a video for a quick tutorial here is the best option to go for. You can get Recordit tool that is fulfilled and interesting to use. You can use the tool to make engaging videos that can be used on any platform. The video duration are tend to stay short to be able to use on social media platforms. The tool is equipped with a bunch of amazing features and a simple drag and drop option as well to add different icons, animation, and aspects to enhance the overall appeal. You can do a lot of things and be creative when making your own mini video.


Have you been using PowerPoint slides to showcase a business proposal or a tutorial of a procedure? Well, here is an advanced way to do things differently. The tool GIFDeck is used to convert your SlideShare into short and creative GIFs. You can put in your creativity and do a lot.

Make a GIF

As the name itself, sound do its bundle of features. When you are searching about how to make animated videos, the tool Make a GIF would be a great addition to your resources for adding visuals in your marketing campaign. The software is used to create interesting and easy to make GIFs. These videos are full of engaging aspects and are embellished with aspects to increase the overall appeal.


GIFYT brings to you yet another fascinating way to add appeal to your marketing campaign. You must have been using the YouTube platform to garner attention but here is a unique way to turn the YouTube videos into something more creative. With the help of GIFYT, you can make appealing videos and increase the reach. You can turn the videos into GIFs that can be used elsewhere as well. The tool is easy to sue and is so professional that it delivers the highest level of professionalism.


PowToon is one of the most famous tool over the internet. It’s affordable and comes with a bunch of features. The tool is used to make an interesting animated video for the target audience. 


VideoScribe comes among the leading tool due to its responsiveness and easy to use ways. The tool is equipped with a load of features and provides an easy way to create engaging videos to be used for branding purposes.


If you are looking for a perfect tool to create animated videos Vyond is best for you. The tool is famous among the many web applications and comes with a bundle of features. You can easily create the storyboards and set durations to each frame animating your cartoons for greater appeal. 


Animaker is yet another tool to create animated videos. You can also use the tool to create captivating characters to add more interactivity to your videos.


Moovly is one of the easiest tools as it is based on the simple principle to drag and drop the files, icons, and templates to create a video. The tool is used to create interesting videos that can be used to garner the attention of the target audience.


Synfig platform is free of cost and lets you unleash your creativity to produce engaging and immersive videos. It’s the best tool that is mostly recommended by professionals to create branding videos. Its gallery of features are the great addition to your resources making you able to create interesting videos efficiently. 

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