Writing SEO-Optimized Articles Is The Need Of The Hour

In this modern world of business marketing, you will need to write articles and cerate the best content that is SEO optimized. This will help you to stay competitive as well as ahead of the rest as well. However, there is a lot of difference between writing an article for your website content and writing and SEO optimized content for the same.

In order to do your best, you must start with research. This will surely help you to make a difference for yourself as well as for your clients. In this modern world where customers and clients are very precise about their wants, there is no scope or liberty to shoot in the dark and hope for a higher SEO. You too will have to be very precise about what you deliver to them. In this case, an extensive and thorough research helps.

When you research, you will need to make sure that you determine a few specific things such as:

  • The specific keyword to target
  • The specific length of the article to maintain and
  • The specific type of the article to write.

Confused? Well, you ought to be because there is so much complexity in such research. However, things can be a bit simpler for you if you find out and analyze different existing articles on your specific niche just to get a proper outline, but make sure that you do not copy those. This is because, Google has specific software to detect plagiarized contents and will never rank your site high in the SERP, making your SEO efforts unproductive.

Process to follow

You can also do yourself a favor by asking questions to people that matter to know the techniques to write SEO optimized articles. Alternately, you can also use different tools that will help you to do better research on:

  • Your topic
  • The keywords and
  • The type of article to write.

These tools will also help you to know other different and important aspects of writing SEO optimized articles such as:

  • Knowing the length of the article that is commonly followed and will help you to rank high standing a chance to outdo your competitors.
  • Follow the SEO word limit which, experts say, should be anywhere in and around 3600+ words.

When you have these important data in hand for ready reference, you should now focus on creating an outline for your article.

  • First, you will need to know the type of content that will be liked by your customers. You can do this by putting the target keyword in the Google search. Pick a keyword that makes sense and will answer the questions of your customers.
  • Next, use WordPress as your Content Management Systemso that you maintain the applicability of SEO copywriting.

Finally, focus on post title and Meta title, if you know the difference between the two that is ideally:

  • Post title is the way in which the reader sees the title of your post on the website and
  • Post meta title is the way in which the search engines show your post in their search results.

If you do not use different ones in your SEO settings, then the search engine will consider your post title as the meta title. This may affect your SEO results.

Follow the Bucket Brigade copywriting technique

In fact, SEO writing is mostly about keywords. This means that when a reader visits your website, there are two possible chances:

  • They may continue reading your articles or
  • Leave your website as soon as they get in.

If they leave, then it is a big issue that you should deal with immediately as that will impact your SEO campaigns and search rankings negatively.

If you want to do well with your SEO, there is no other way but to ensure that people who visit your site stays with it. The simplest way to do is by writing compelling and attractive articles and this you can do best by following the Bucket Brigade copywriting technique. This technique will surely help you to persuade the readers to stay on and with your site.

Features of the technique

The Bucket Brigade copywriting technique followed while writing any article will help you in many ways such as:

  • It will maintain the flow of your writing which needs to be essentially smooth to make it easy for the readers to understand and follow.
  • It will help each sentence to lead up to the next sentence so that the readers are introduced to each paragraph according to the line of thought followed in the following paragraph.

If you do not know what exactly this technique of writing is, here are a few specific phrases to use in Bucket Brigades writing technique for better SEO results. The most commonly used phrases that are used by the writers in Bucket Brigades writing techniques are:

  • That is not all,
  • Here is the deal:
  • Know what the best part is?

These phrases will help you to keep the sentences short. Usually, sentences that end with colons is the identification of Bucket Brigades copywriting technique. This technique is very simple to follow but will surely make your copy much easier to read and understand. Most importantly, it will compel the readers spend more time on your site and the article.

Lastly, just as you would do for your Instagram business account to gain more traction and followers without having to buy real Instagram likes always and keep your content updating on a regular basis, this technique should be one of your SEO techniques per se to improve your search rankings significantly.

Make sure that you go through your older articles to find out anything that you have already written is still relevant according to the given market scenarios and demands of your customers. You can bring in the required relevance by updating it.

This is a much better way to go ahead with your SEO efforts that will save you from the pain of writing a fresh article every now and then. Updating the headline and editing the copy will make it more SEO-friendly.

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