• What Makes React Native Set A New Development Trend In 2020?

What Makes React Native Set A New Development Trend In 2020?

Facebook, Instagram, UberEATS, Pinterest, Airbnb, Walmart, Skype, Bloomberg, Tesla. Ever used these successful apps that have taken the world by storm? Of course! But, do you know what’s the one thing common between all these apps? These mobile apps have been built by the same technology that is REACT NATIVE. Mobile is the most sought-after thing in the 21st century. It has become more of a necessity than a luxury and its usage has increased drastically in these few years. Every day we notice, different types of apps ruling the markets. With 90% of websites converting into mobile applications. A strong foundation beholding these applications is needed and React Native by Facebook has come to our rescue.

With uncountable apps on Google and Apple app store, it’s hard to know which app best suits our requirements! It solely depends on what we choose but we rate the app on the basis of its features, UI and UX designs, security, and all such aspects. A start-up owner will want to give its customer an outstanding user-friendly experience to promote his business at its peak. It’s very obvious that you will want to promote your products/ideas on every mobile platform to gain exposure. For that, you would have to hire two different developers to promote your business on both iOS and Android platforms. While both platforms have a seeming range of users. An entrepreneur like you will not find it profitable to invest in native apps when you have the option of cross-platform frameworks. March 26, 2015, proved to be a solution for this arduous process. Write once & build everywhere.

Quick Overview on What is REACT NATIVE?

An open-source mobile application framework, React Native enables developers to present React along with native. This technology is widely appreciated by the clients as well as the developers as it helps in reducing time, money, and energy. It assures high performance in all three platforms- iOS, Android, Windows. It fulfills the goal, satisfies the customer, and brings out the best user- experience be it in iOS or Android. In React Native the ‘overall view’ that is the design of the app and ‘text’ that is the programming code remains one to one for all the platforms. The prominence of React Native can be witnessed in Facebook itself which initially released this concept.

Why is React Native truly a trendsetter?

Being in one of the top 10 cross platforms, React Native has introduced us to Write Once and Built everywhere technology. This process has led the Clients to opt for hybrid mobile applications rather than native app development which involves developing applications for different platforms. Let’s see why React Native Technology is ruling the charts in 2020!

1)    Single Coding

For making a React Native Application, the bonus point you get is you do not have to learn about any of the native stuff. What is Native Stuff? The programming language used to make a native iOS or Android app which differs. iOS has Swift and Android follows Java or Kotlin. The programming language for React Native is ‘JavaScript’ which allows the developers to develop an app seamlessly without any past knowledge of Swift or Java. JavaScript being a language that is supported by many frameworks and libraries are easy to learn and to use, flexible in its approach gives the Clients a Write once built everywhere app. Not only, Clients but also developers go gaga over this technology setting a trend for React Native based apps.

2)    Less Code = Less Cost

A business mind will search for profit no matter what. React Native gives that flexibility as it allows the client to look out for one approach which the native apps do not provide. If a client opts for native apps, then he has to hire different developers for iOS and Android which means double the revenue and this is not suitable for a start-up owner. But, if he chooses to go for React Native, then a single JavaScript will serve his purpose making it cost-effective. Less Coding will eventually turn out to be Less Cost with the same outstanding result and a user experience that works for overall advantage.

3)    Wide Range of UI and UX

Apps built with React Native enjoy the availability of UI and UX designs as React Native is an open-source cross-platform. Every developer can share ideas that are open to all. This method helps Clients to give the best user experience to their customers.

Moreover, mobile apps that are built to react native-run as smoothly as native apps. The loading time is comparatively less enhancing high performance. You can go for a React Native App to even get a complex app built quicker and with the same efficiency.

4)    Built fast, launched fast

React Native not only helps in providing an amazing user experience but also helps in saving time and manual energy. With 96% of React Native, mobile app code shared, a client does not have to wait for both android and iOS apps to be accessible. With a single code for all the platforms, one can release the app sooner. Built fast, launch fast.

5)    Ensuring Quality Performance

With hundreds of downloads every day, an app that adheres to high-quality resolution with designs that every user craves is everything to stay in the compelling race. The first criterion that React Native sticks upon is high-quality performance on multiple platforms. A user must feel satisfied while using the app on any platform he wishes to. If he wants to switch between platforms, he should have full freedom to do so while having the same amazing experience in either Android or iOS, or even Windows. Switching between platforms should not dampen the user experience of the app and even makes the user adjust to the app faster. For instance, Instagram- A successful app, which is built through React Native has the same designs and structure, so React Native makes sure the users get the same experience while switching between platforms. Worth investing in a React Native App.

6)    Real Live Updates

Live Updates is the most prominent feature of React Native. Live Updates are ejected into the application without the users downloading it. This tends to grab the attention of the users without making a user bored with the app. This process leads users to get hassle-free updates and even get fresh components of the app. Making React Native App to Real Live Native App.

All through these years, React Native has changed the way we perceive apps. Since its release, there’s been a consistent change in Versions. The latest being 0.61, the makers have constantly tried to solve persistent issues and make improvements. There are no doubts that 2020 will be a year of React Native. Even Big Brands and Companies have started investing in React Native as it provides promising solutions. All the changes undoubtedly pave a better future facilitating React Native App Development and leveraging your business towards extreme heights. So what are you waiting for, Invest in React Native, and Reap the Results.

Author Bio:

Nathan McKinley is a Business Development Manager at Chicago based App Development Firm that specializes in Android & iOS based mobile solutions, after 6+ years of experience as being a responsible employee to help early tech startup growth, he learnt the tech vulnerability and started key takeaways from his learnings.

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