What Are Voice Drops?

If your business relies on sales to succeed, you’ve probably thought about having your sales agents cold call, or maybe you already do. Cold calling can be hugely beneficial to both your company and your sales agents, but you might not be using all the best strategies. If you’ve heard of voice drops, you might be wondering exactly what they are and why you’d want to start using them. If you’ve never heard of voice drops, get ready for a revelation. Here’s everything you need to know about voice drops.

How do they work?

Voice drops are pretty much exactly how they sound. With Stratics Networks’ voicemail drops, you’re able to create a voicemail and set the program to begin dropping it into the voicemail boxes of current or potential customers. You can edit the list of phone numbers, and Stratics Networks will always compare each number against the National Do Not Call List, saving you the time and hassle.

With voicemail drops, the customer’s phone never rings, and the voicemail is prerecorded. This means your sales agents don’t have to sit on the phone as it rings to wait to leave a voicemail. This can save an enormous amount of time, which means your agents will be able to complete more calls, and your company will reach more potential customers. More and more people are looking to become sales representatives, and with voice drops, you’ll soon be able to find incredible agents who can work quickly and efficiently. Voicemail drops are an excellent option for your sales agents and your business.

Why are voice drops better for business?

Cold calling can be stressful for your sales agents and requires that they do a lot of preparation to try to engage the potential customer. Many sales agents dislike cold calling and find the entire process extremely stressful. Unlike cold calling, voice drops don’t require an agent to immediately engage a person in conversation. Your prerecorded message is easily dropped into a voicemail box, which means the person can listen to it whenever they’re available.

Stratics Networks has a 96% voicemail listen rate. Because the potential client can listen to the voicemail when they’re free, chances are better that he or she will call back. This also gives the customer a sense of agency and relieves some of the pressure from your sales agent, increasing agent retention. When the customer calls back, your agent can engage him or her in an easy conversation based on their initial interest sparked by the voicemail drop.

Why are voice drops better for customers?

Voice drops are much more convenient for current and potential customers. With voice drops, you’re able to bypass calling the customers’ phones and just leave messages that they can listen to at their convenience. Because the phone never rings, the customers are never charged for the call. The voicemail is dropped directly into the voicemail box of the cellphone or landline.

Plenty of regulations exist for cold calling, and customers can ask to be placed on the Do Not Call list. Your current and potential customers are much more likely to stay pleased with your business if their phone never rings when you call. They can listen to the voicemail whenever they like and call back when they’re free. It’s a much more convenient way for customers to consider your business and what you have to offer.

It’s crucial that you and your business engage customers, and voicemail drops are an easy way to reach current and potential clients. With voicemail drops, your sales agents and customers will be happier and your business will thrive.

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