Ways to Use 3D Printing that Is Absolutely Amazing

If you have kept track of the news at all in the last couple of years, you already know that 3D printing has allowed people to create amazing things. Every industry is interested in what 3D printing can do for them. Here are just a few ways 3D printing has changed the world around us.

Medical Marvel

Perhaps no other industry is as excited about 3D printing as the medical field. Body parts can literally be created for individuals using a 3D printer. For instance, recently a young toddler born without a trachea was able to have one created for her from 3D printing technology. If that wasn’t enough, 3D printing can actually create tissue with operating blood vessels and everything. And if you know someone who is missing a body part, such as a hand, foot, or leg, one can be custom-made for them with a 3D printer. Plus, if you are worried about getting older and needing a new heart valve, don’t worry. One can be printed out right for you.


The manufacturing industry is definitely looking forward to incorporating 3D printing even more into the fold. It could literally revolutionize the industry. A few years back, whole cars were created with 3D printing. While 3D printers are usually known to use plastic to create items, some companies are experimenting with using metal instead. And this is just one small part of the manufacturing industry. The possibilities are endless.


No longer do people just have to design things on paper and then have others imagine what the final outcome will be for the project. Now they can take it a couple steps further. A 3D printer can take the design and actually print out a 3D model that will give people a better idea of what everything will look like and how it will perform.

Every Business in the World Could Use a 3D Printer

Whether you have a small business or a large one, there is a good chance that a 3D printer could be used to take your company even further. Don’t worry if you are not that technologically advanced as there are companies that can help you with the process. In fact, SolidWorks, a 3D printing solution, can assist in guiding you through the steps of making 3D printing a part of your business.

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