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Video Downloading Applications – Helping Users To Download Favourite Videos

Internet is the home of amazing content like videos and music which can be accessed by visiting various websites created for the distribution purposes. However, video sharing and hosting websites do not allow users to download and access the available content for free. Such websites charge a small fee which some people are unwilling to pay. Users find it difficult to download videos for entertainment and educational purposes.

Video downloading applications helps to remove such obstacles. Users can download their favourite video, movie and music in multiple formats and resolutions on their smart devices using such applications. There are unlimited video downloading applications available on the internet. A user can search for their favourite video and can save them on their devices using such applications. Moreover, such applications are available for free download. Vidmate is one such application which termed as the best vide downloading application.

One can compare the features of five video downloading applications which one can install on their smart devices. These are listed below:

Video graber:

Video graber is a video downloading application which allows its user to search and save their favourite videos and movies. One can even convert a video into an MP3 format for listening to content on the go. The application has its own video manager which helps in efficient organization of downloaded content. Moreover, one can download videos at lightning speeds using this application.

HD video downloader:

As the name suggests one can download videos in HD and 4K formats. The application works on an AI based technology which automatically identifies the best resolution of the video available. Users based upon their personal preferences can download a particular format and resolution of video. The application supports unlimited downloads which can be downloaded at faster speeds.

Full video downloader:

Instead of a lite version of the application which is devoid of complete features an application should possess, full video downloader is a complete version which allows full speed download of complete length videos without any lag. Videos can be streamed on the inbuilt media player which allows full playback of videos. The download booster feature helps in diverting the internet speed for downloading videos.

Video file saver:

Video file saver is another type of video downloading application which allows its user to save any number video files on their smart devices. Multiple videos can be downloaded at the same time without any lag. Moreover, these can be shared with other users using the application. Downloads continue to progress in the background which makes Video file saver a popular choice among smartphone users.


One of the most highly rated video downloading applications on the internet, Vidmate helps an individual to download unlimited HD videos. Users can download their favourite videos from various social media websites which it supports. The application also has multi language support and can stream videos for free. Users can also watch Live television on the application which makes it one of the most unique feature a video downloading application possess. The app streams almost 200 channels which can be saved for future use and quick access.

Apart from the above mentioned applications, there are numerous other video downloading applications on the internet. However, Vidmate is still considered the best among all the applications.

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