Top 10 Android Apps for Your Job Search


Job searching is the most crucial aspect of employment. The process is not only tiring but nerve wrecking too as of the rejections and failures it brings along. Mainly the rejections are because of a poor and unimpressive CV which cannot grab the reader’s attraction. Well, not to worry anymore. The dilemma has been solved with effective android apps that not only offers CV writing services but provides hints and tips on how a person can groom his credentials.


LinkedIn provides the largest online social portal where individuals could connect and share their resumes and professional experiences in any corner of the world. It is the topmost credible source for all business professional and headhunters to find suitable and competent candidates in no time. Delivering the quality service to job hunters, LinkedIn assures timely connectivity with professional one aims to build his career in. No need to spy on someone’s Facebook page when one can get connected on LinkedIn and have the required information.

Best Resume Tips

As the name suggests, best resume tips offer the best of tips and guidance for all who need. A resume is a very important element in the process of attaining a job and best resume tips ensure that this aspect is carried with quality and concern. Not only limited to a single format, best resume tips offers a variety of formats that best caters to the needs of job hunters. It keeps multiple varieties at hand and provides an easy access to talent hunters with the candidate of their required skill set.

Indeed. Com is indeed a great tool to provide the best of assistance when it comes to helping people find jobs of their likings. is thriving to serve its mission by providing a vast network globally and passionately fulfilling the purpose of making the recruitment journey improved and memorable for talent acquisition managers. With the shared stories and data based on real statistics, is delivering the best experience and guiding tips for job seekers.

Monster Job Search

Monster job search is another partner which integrates the purpose of providing exceptional services for job seekers and has been one of the premier job boards since the early days of the inception of recruitment apps. The exclusive listings of monster job search are something one cannot find on any other site and has no match. The excellent service for a job seeker to be able to apply for a job with just a number of screen taps gives it the perfect vibe of being the monster of the industry.


Evernote is the real organizer one can have in his life. Not only liked by journalists and researchers, the fame of Evernote is very much acknowledged and appreciated by recruiters and job seekers. It provides the perfect synchronization of a tablet, mobile or any system while categorically organizing the records, clippings, audios, videos, photos, and whatnot. It is a perfect tool for securing post-interview notes and saving contact information.


Gone are the days when job seekers had to boil their blood in the thought that their CV might have been missed from the recruiter’s eyes. ResumeBear focuses on getting the job seekers aware that their credentials have been acknowledged and under consideration and delivers tips and tools to help them track their desired jobs in the blink of an eye. No opportunity can get past through the candidates if it’s posted on the ResumeBear.


Glassdoor is one of the exceptional services in the field of online recruitment services. With an extensive database of millions of companies and information of jobs and careers on tips, glassdoor is performing extraordinarily and is delivering best quality services. The features of glassdoor are incomparable and provide information such as average earnings and company reviews etc which instill a transparent insight into the expectations of job seekers.

Resume builder pro

Quite like the name, resume builder pro is a pro when it comes to building an alluring CV with a high professional touch. A must-have app for job seekers provided with a variety of templates.


Snagajob is a simple yet satisfying app one must have. The features are elegant and easy to use that makes information about tons of jobs available at hand. With the daily job notifications, it hard to miss out an opportunity one is looking forward to.


Another popular job search engine is Trovit which offers a decent search system along with numerous filters to refine the search. The feature of bookmarking the job enables job seekers to avail the opportunities which can lead them to a successful landing on their desired positions.

These are the 10 Android Apps which the job seekers can use to avail the job opportunities that lie and jump start their career growth.

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