• The Rise of VR

The Rise of VR

The virtual reality (VR) market reached a global value of 3,382 million euros in 2016 thanks to the boost of the VR headsets, according to data collected by the specialized consultant BlueAttack, which expects this growth trend to be maintained in 2017 and the value market multiply by two, up to 6,012 million euros.

Specifically, the value of 3,382 million euros that the virtual reality market has reached in 2016 is distributed among mobiles (752 million euros), consoles (1,127 million euros) and computers (1,503 million euros). The consultant emphasizes that 2016 was “a key year” for virtual reality, since the main desktop helmets (Oculus, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR) arrived, technology proliferated in mobile devices (Daydream, popularization of Gear VR) and increased content creation companies specialized in RV.

In this sense, he adds that 2017 will be an “even more promising” year and provides that the consolidation of the devices that are already on the market is accompanied by the arrival of new Virtual and Augmented Reality helmets. In addition, it affects that, far from stagnating the market value of more than 6,000 million euros planned for 2017, virtual reality will continue to grow in the coming years and will reach 37,957 million euros in 2020.

An “unstoppable” trend

The consultancy BlueAttack, a subsidiary of the Spanish computer manufacturer Mountain, emphasizes that the trend is “unstoppable”, since the headsets are for the first time within reach of almost any pocket and every day new tools and development studies appear that make possible the contents.

According to data from the Statista analysis firm in November 2016, there were already 4.12 million virtual reality helmets from leading manufacturers in homes around the world. Specifically, there were 2.3 million Gear VR, 750,000 PlayStation VR, 450,000 HTC Live, 360,000 Oculus and 260,000 Daydream.

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