• SEO Strategies Small Business Owners Cannot Afford To Ignore

SEO Strategies Small Business Owners Cannot Afford To Ignore

Digital marketing is a tricky arena. The complexities are even more difficult for the small business owners to navigate through. One of the primary reason why small businesses either fail in their first year or are unable to reach the five-year mark is their inability to create an online presence and gain visibility by the targeted audience. In short, their search engine optimization strategies are not devised and implemented right.

One of the most influential sources of targeted traffic, searchis what makes or breaks a small business. While what is in the scope of a small business marketing campaigns such as paid search, email marketing play a pivotal role in enhancing a business’s online presence but nothing compared to the search engine, which drives the customers to the website and encourages them to prefer one site over other due to its ranking.

Higher organic ranking requires well-thought SEO strategies, few of which we are going to focus on, in today’s post:

  • Mend Your Technical SEO Problems:

You might have a website with great design, themes, and colors, but still, your ranking would be low. Why? Because there are specific technical SEO issues with your website that needs to be immediately addressed and fixed. SLow speed, broken links, unoptimized content are some of the many technical SEO issues which could be coming in the way of gaining traffic and escalating your rank. Get a website audit by professionals to establish and resolve the issue.

  • Create Quality Content:

Is your site content relevant in relation to the targeted audience? Your aim should be building and strengthening relationships with your prospective customers and existing consumers. The same can be established by providing the users with relevant content that has more in-depth insight into their area of interest. Furthermore, when we use the term content, why does it have to mean, only words? You can add videos and images to make your content look more appealing. This will especially help you when you are struggling with placing the competitive keyword in your content. Here you can put an optimized video and images according to your content.

  • Mobile Friendly Landing Pages:

With the continuously increasing content consumption through mobile devices, no business big or small can afford to lose out by not investing in mobile web marketing. Considering that, a small business owner should build a responsive mobile landing page that will make the customers take action. It is important to note that you should keep the design as simple as possible with only essential and actionable content on it to boost mobile traffic.

  • Long Tail Queries:

Unlike how SEO worked a decade ago, with content centred around a particular keyword, now long tail search queries define the success of the SEO. We all know what keyword is, a specific phrase or word used by the site owners to rank high on the website. But what is a search query? It is a phrase that the user types in the search box to get a precise and relevant result. For businesses that do not have a high budget, search queries which comprise of intent can be beneficial in increasing their traffic.

While having your in house SEO team implement these strategies and keep up with the latest SEO trends can upscale your website ranking on a search engine, why deter from your business goal when you can hire a professional SEO team?

Consult a Hubspot certified inbound marketing agency that will deliver guaranteed results for your local, on-site as well as off-site SEO with their comprehensive approach. This way not only will you save considerable time and money, but the employee potential that was being drained in SEO hit and trial method can be judiciously invested in attaining the business objective.

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