• SEO 101: Features Of A Successful SEO Strategy

SEO 101: Features Of A Successful SEO Strategy

SEO helps search engines to find your business. As Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines are continuously improving their services to give better results to its users– SEO ensures that your brand will not be hidden in the search results.

Search engine optimization helps you get free organic traffic by making your content available to top search engines and making it more accessible to searchers. Without a well-performing SEO strategy, it is difficult to be found in an increasingly competitive internet marketing world.

Here are the features of a successful SEO campaign:

It increases your brand visibility and competitive edge

Brand visibility is a critical aspect of your marketing success. If you want to generate inbound leads, focus on branding. SEO makes your brand recognizable and visible by placing your content where it should be at the right time – when searchers are looking for it.

Improves brand awareness: Increases sales and protects your market share

How aware are your customers about your brand and its products? There are four indicators of brand awareness:

  • Recognition
  • Recall
  • Brand dominance
  • Brand knowledge

What is the first thing that pops into the mind of your customer when they hear about your brand?

SEO helps them identify your brand in a way that you want to be recognized and recalled. By proper exposure to the brand, the customers can easily recall it when given a variety of products or services to choose from. Therefore, the consumer will consider it when making a buying decision. A good SEO strategy also minimizes the perceived risk of using your products or services, and helps you protect your customers from being taken away by your competitors.

Wins new customers

A successful SEO strategy focuses on the value of your website’s content. It should be search engine friendly in a sense that it matches the search queries with keyword optimization. In this way, you can quickly build inbound relational links.

Despite the complex algorithms that determine how websites become visible on search engine searches, an updated SEO strategy always finds its way among millions of searches. However, it is important to consider that the online presence of your brand may vary overtime.

While some people pay Google to have a visibility advantage, there are other organic SEO techniques that you can implement. Content creation, for example, is a very effective strategy that helps searchers locate your brand by simply typing keywords and key phrases related to your content.

SEO improves ROI

A well thought-out search engine optimization strategy helps businesses increase conversions and sales. If more people come to your website, you will have more potential customers in the process. Each satisfied visitor has the potential to refer you to other potential customers as well.

SEO has the potential to deliver long term marketing results and bring long term revenue to your business. It also helps you build and nurture long-term relationships with your customer base and future clients.

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