• Secure Your Android from Modern Threats

Secure Your Android from Modern Threats

8 Important Tips for Android Users

The Android security issues are often heard in the news. If you are an Android user, then you should consider the various security threats that have surfaced. The process of securing phone is not very complicated or expensive – you don’t have to spend a lot of money!

If you want to secure your Android device, then here are the most important tips you need to take.

So, let’s begin;

Tip# 01 Never Save Your Password on Online Services

For the sake of feasibility, many users often save their passwords on online services and sites. Never think of doing this with your device because you may lose all of your personal details, once an unknown person gains access to your phone. Remember to avoid saving passwords while performing online purchase or doing online banking.

Tip# 02 Secure Your Phone with Android in-built Security

If you are jelly bean user, you can enhance your security by using an inbuilt screen lock. There are different sort of screen lock options on your Android phones like password, pin, pattern, and face-recognition. When setting pin or passwords in your phones, make sure that the strength of your password must be strong enough that the hacker won’t be able to guess it right.

Tip# 03 Use App Lock

If you have lost your device or someone has stolen it, then app lock will provide the second layer of security. There is much private information on everyone’s phone and nobody wants to share it with anyone. App lock is the best option because you can secure each of your application.

Tip# 04 Securing Your Network

Securing a network is one of the most important steps in Android security. Whenever you do online shopping or online banking, avoid using public wi-fi because these public networks can sniff out your packets and can translate your hidden information e.g. your account passwords.

Tip# 05 Uses Mobile Security App

Install a mobile security app that can manage your security issues. Find an app that is suitable for your device e.g outlook security and antivirus and avast! Mobile security. But installing a mobile security app doesn’t mean you have to guard down as Android malware is getting stronger day by day and always there to corrupt your data.

Tip# 06. Create Multiple User Account to Protect Privacy

If your device is being used by multiple users like your kids, siblings, and spouse, then multiple user accounts are the best way to protect your privacy.

Tip# 07. Prepare a Backup of Your Data

Preparing a back up of your data means that you have stored your information for the long run. Now, at any point, if you ever lost your phone or it’s being stolen, you can restore your Android device back to its original state.

Tip# 08. Use Remote Wipe Option.

So, at this point when you have installed app lock, antivirus and all other necessary security apps and ready to begin. But, still- one last feature left – the feature to clear out your data remotely. This is one of the most important features, especially for lost or stolen devices.

Hope these tips help you to protect your device from security issues.

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