Network Security Tips

Protecting your network is incredibly important. If you don’t properly take steps to protect your network, it won’t be long before it gets hacked and your crucial private information goes at stake. If you are running a company and use a cloud, you might want to contact a private company like Avanan Inc. for security purposes.

Avanan Inc. is a cloud security solutions provider headquartered in New York. They can devise a custom network security solution for your business. However, there are many basic things that you need to take care of to protect your network security. Here are a few tips that will help you in this regard.

Create a robust password and change it frequently

It is recommended that you create a password that includes letters, numbers, and signs, and modify it periodically. A good option is to use password managers, which stores the information and allow you to log in safely and automatically. In this way, the password is updated frequently, and the user does not have to be obliged to remember so many combinations.

Use double authentication factor

In addition to the password, it is recommended that you use other methods to verify the start of a session. Within the configuration menu in social networks and in your mailbox, you will find the option to activate this alternative. You can verify the start of the session with applications such as Google Authenticator or through a text message.

Login alerts

On networks and in your mail, this option can be enabled to receive an alert on the phone every time you log in and access the cloud from a new or unknown device.

Keep the software updated

Having the software up to date is essential to take care of possible attacks since in each update the latest security patches are included.

Make a periodic copy of the files

It is essential to make a periodic back-up (once a week, for example) of the most important data. Ideally, they should be stored on an external disk and not only in the cloud, in order to be protected in case of being a victim of a cyber-attack.

Security solution

Have an updated antivirus to protect against known vulnerabilities. This applies to computers as well as tablets or cell phones. Basically, any connected device that is used to access the cloud needs to be protected.

Read the privacy policy of the applications that are downloaded

What information does the provider of a service or social network access? Before downloading an application, it is suggested to read the Privacy Policy and details of the permission to know what the platform is accessing. This mere act can be the difference between being safe and being a victim of a cyber-attack.

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