• Ingenious Lead Generation Hacks For 2020

Ingenious Lead Generation Hacks For 2020

Whatever business you’re running, there is always one thing you can use- more customers. Having been in digital marketing, you most definitely know some strategies to get new customers. To be more precise, lead generation strategies.

Some of these lead generation strategies have been around for far too long, and many customers have become too familiar with them to the extent of skepticism. This is why you need to employ fresh tactics for your lead generation if you are serious about growing your business to greater heights.

Here are some unique and awesome lead generation hacks to try in 2020.

1. Tracking down leads by IP address

Instead of entirely relying on your Analytics acquisition report, you can use Lead feeder, a tool that pulls down the IP address of your visitors and matches them with companies’ network data.

This is a fantastic way to see what companies are searching for you. Once you have identified them, search them and reach out.

2. Employ scarcity and urgency elements in your CTAs

Human beings are procrastinators by nature, or at least a good number. Most visitors will see your CTAs and do nothing about it or postpone deciding to act.

One great way to force your potential customers to take immediate action is to use scarcity and urgency in your CTAs.

For example, you could release an invite-only e-book or give only limited copies of it. This tactic will force your visitors to make quick decisions to act.

Try something like;

“Only 55 FREE copies left! Claim yours before its too late!”

However, make sure you live up to the perceived value.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are an excellent way to capture leads.

One tip when it comes to chatbots though;

Write scripts that not only answer questions but also lead to a personalized lead magnet based on the inquiry.

4. Use your email signature space

That space below your signature can bring a whole new level of magic when it comes to leads.

You can either insert a message about an incredible new post with a link to your blog or have another CTA down there. Alternatively, place an offer right there!

5. Hold a contest

The entry fee, as a rule, is an email address. Ensure that the winner will receive something of real value.

You can ask people to name a service or product that you have just acquired. The winner receives that item, but with each contest, you generate new leads.

6. Get rid of the word “Spam.”

You may not be aware of this, but using the phrase “we will not spam you” can destroy your business. The word “spam” doesn’t sit well with people, and it’s not a word most of us want to see.

Just don’t use it. Ever.

7. Use segmented storytelling

People love stories, especially compelling ones.

You can use creative and captivating stories as a way to capture leads. Publish these stories in segments, and the reader has to opt-in.

8. Use Quora

Quora has a search feature that you search for keywords.

Get into feeds that relate to your niche and start answering questions. Also, create a profile with backlinks to your landing pages.

9. Use product videos on landing pages

Most of the internet users are visual learners. Use a video to explain your service or product.

Keep the video short and put a strong CTA at the end.

10. Engage in groups

Find online groups where your target customers hang out and join a couple of them.

Here are a few tips:

• Scan the recent posts and comment on them.
• Start posting something fun or inspirational.
• Post at the same time all the time and build a following
• Drive the followers to a landing page with an offer

11. Give additional information

This is how you go about this one;

• Use Buzzsumo to find trending articles related to your niche.
• Review the article and then write a better one.
• Provide even more information on the topic in exchange for an email address.

A rule of thumb is never to switch topics.

12. Create a poll

Those quizzes you see on social media actually work when it comes to lead generation.

Create polls that relate to your niche, and the people who participate will warm up to you and take an interest in your product or service.

13. Pay with a tweet or pay with a post

This particular hack gets you leads from shares. The idea is to package a resource that is given away in exchange for the user posting it on social media.
Through this, you get more visibility and increases your conversion rate.

14. Downloadable blog posts as PDFs

Let users download long-form blog posts and checklists as PDFs in exchange for an opt-in. This hack will get you numerous leads in no time.

15. Pre-launch offers and discounts

Before launching a product, run a brief pre launch campaign at a discounted price, which users can get access to only if they purchase before launch.


While most of the common lead generation tactics still work, you don’t have to be stuck in the old way of doing things. You need to think to keep your game new and fresh by thinking outside the box.

Hopefully, the above hacks helps! Get in touch for more tips on how to do digital marketing in Singapore.

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