• How To Use Your Mobile Phone To Help Your Personal Finances

How To Use Your Mobile Phone To Help Your Personal Finances

You probably use your mobile phone all throughout the day to check emails and social media posts. Fortunately, the same device can be used to keep your personal finances in check. These apps are easy to download, often free to use and can be incredibly beneficial to individuals who need to better control their finances. Don’t hesitate to give any one of these types of apps a try to see just how useful they can be for you in your everyday life.


Budgeting apps can be linked to your bank account so that you know where you’re spending your money and where you need to make cuts. Some of the most popular budgeting apps include ones like Wally, Good Budget and Mint. It can sometimes be difficult to try to figure out where you’re going wrong in terms of your finances. You might be living paycheck to paycheck and know that you need to make changes. These programs are great for anyone who needs to make a significant change and who may need help doing it.


With trading apps like this, you’re able to check trends and a variety of stock information pertinent for when you’re investing. By downloading an app that you can use from a phone, you are always connected to your broker. You can buy, sell and trade as often and as much as you want, and you won’t need to be tied to your home computer all the time. This makes trading on the go easier than ever before.

Bill Pay

Apps like Prism and Mint send you alerts for when a bill is due. This prevents the frustration and confusion of knowing when something needs to be paid. Likewise, you can set up these programs to automatically deduct funds from your checking account in order to satisfy these bills. This allows you to completely take the guesswork out of keeping up with finances, and it avoids the headache of late fees and penalties.

Credit Checks

Downloadable mobile programs like Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and Credit Wise can all be helpful when it concerns checking your scores on a regular basis. Your credit score is essential for whenever you want to take out a credit card, loan or mortgage. In some cases, you may even need a good score in order to land a viable position within a company. Your score isn’t impacted when you use these programs, and you can keep up with accounts to look for fraudulent activity as well.


The majority of banks offer a free mobile app that you can download to either a phone or tablet. You log in securely each time and can have a full overview of your current account. This allows you to check balances while on the go, and you’ll be sent alerts if there is any unusual activity happening that concerns your debit cards. These apps are typically free and come complementary as part of being a customer, but it’s a good idea to ask about whether or not they’re available before signing up with a local branch of your choosing.

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