How to Easily Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

If you’ve been wondering why Samsung smartphones are doing very well in the market, a little research would get your question answered. The topmost answer, of course, is that their gadgets are of high quality. They’re also a high-end company known for catering for both the low-end and high-end markets. That doesn’t mean they’re having it easy. Competition remains stiff. Some market analysts have attributed the Samsung success to the company’s existing strong grip in the market, a strong financial muscle and a loyal customer base coupled with innovative minds. As such, they’ve got some leverage when it comes to conducting thorough market research and getting the best resources to enhance the quality and user experience in both their hardware and software.

As soon as the company released the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, social media, blogs, and the mainstream media were set ablaze with what would prove to be among the best 2019 flagships. Granted, Samsung did very well with their promotions ahead of the release of the Note 10 5G, raising expectations across different markets and posting amazing pre-order figures. The first day sales were also quite attractive.

But before the release, the question that many users were asking themselves was whether it was worth their dime upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, particularly for those who already owned the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. As is always the case, many critics easily dismissed the smartphone saying it failed to bring notable improvements over its predecessor, but that appeared not to deter users from buying it.

Nevertheless, it’s true that the Note 9 and the Note 10 5G have several similarities. However, that doesn’t mean that Samsung didn’t do enough to warrant the release of the Note 10 5G. They had substantial feature upgrades and that’s why the Note 10 5G was able to register good sales. This was in defiance of the fact that the flagship was coming at a considerably higher price tag compared to the Note 9.

What are some of the features the Note 10 5G dangled over the Note 9?

Some of the most talked-about takeaways in the Note 10 5G are the battery life, which comes at 3500 mAh long-lasting battery, some saying better than the 4000 mAh in the Note 9. Note 10 5G also boasts of an improved S Pen with a few new tricks associated with it. The fingerprint sensor for the Note 10 5G goes inside of the display, a totally different approach than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device next to the camera.

Weren’t these upgrades sufficient for someone to push through for the Note 10 5G? That’s for the individual users to answer, but the market response asserted the affirmative anyway.

Aware that not everyone has the kind of money needed to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G in a single transaction, the company, as has been the case over the years, teamed with network carriers such as Verizon and AT&T among others to help in the distribution and sales across different markets. This works well because most of these service providers have a closer working relationship with their customers and are, therefore, better placed to offer friendlier payment plans.

While such payment plans remain as amazing options to go for, frustrations normally creep in when one wants to use their Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G on other networks other than that of the carrier that sold it to them.

The Problem of Network SIM Lock

Most probably you’re here as a result of a search engine redirect in pursuit of a reliable, efficient and legal way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G. If that’s the case, just hang on as we unveil the simplest method there is. Being unable to use a SIM card of choice on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is quite a big setback for most people purchasing phones through carrier payment plans. It might not really bother you much if you purchased it from your favorite carrier, but things change when maybe you move to another location where their services are either too poor or out completely. Frustration also comes in when you realize that another mobile service provider has introduced an amazing package, but which you cannot enjoy because of the SIM card restriction.

How about a situation in which you’d like to sell your phone to someone else? If the phone is unlocked, you’re better placed to negotiate for a higher price.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Unlock Process

Going through your carrier to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is an option, but one that a majority of users shy away from. Why so? It’s tedious, time-consuming and often times fails to deliver the desired results. It’s understandable because they’re keen on keeping users locked to their services for as long as possible to suck their money through subscriptions.

Interestingly, unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is a pretty straightforward thing that you can do on your own in simple steps.

Below are the steps;

  • Provide Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G Details


The only detail that’s needed for your locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is the IMEI/IMEID. The IMEI of your phone is normally 15 digits and can be found by simply dialing *#06# on the locked Note 10 5G. The information can also be found in your phone’s settings page. Once you get it, navigate to this page on the UnlockUnit’s website and enter the number in the IMEI field then go ahead and fill in the other fields, including providing a working email address.

We chose to give the UnlockUnit procedure because they’ve served us for a couple of years and their results have remained outstanding. There are other third party service providers, of course, but we just wouldn’t want to put you through the juggle.

  • Check Email for the Code

Once you’ve filled in the form and completed the entire process, including payment, the UnlockUnit will send the unlock code to your email address. Login to your email address and check if the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G has been sent there. Should you find it, which is most likely the case, note it down and proceed to the next unlock step.

  • Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

This is a very simple step to complete. At this juncture, just shut down your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G then remove the SIM card for the network it’s locked to. Replace the SIM card with one from a different network. Press the power button to start the phone up and wait to be prompted to enter the unlock code. Just enter the code sent to your email address and you should be good to go.

That’s it!

Phone Brands You Can Unlock

While this article is limited to unlocking Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, UnlockUnit provides unlock codes for a wide array of phone brands and models. A few of these are the Apple, Motorola, Huawei and LG smartphones.

All you’ve got to do to confirm whether or not your smartphone brand or model is covered is to check out the selectable choices on the form provided on UnlockUnit’s home page.

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