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Governing Factors That Make Every Android App Great

In this modern age of fast pacing technology, the rise of mobile phones have increased drastically. Anyone and everyone is invested in buying phones suitable to their needs, and according to their individual budgets. Due to the rise in mobile phones, the age of apps has dawned upon us, leaving room for the creation of one of a kind apps that cater to our personal, business and educational needs. But not all apps have reached that level of sophistication and effectiveness, leaving its’ impact very diminishing.

When creating an app or downloading one, what are the governing factors we keep in mind, that add to the impact of a great Android app? There are so many applications around the internet, that it gets very difficult choosing the right one or often find ourselves stuck with the wrong version. Creating an app isn’t a piece of cake, as some might presume. It’s the kind of features and design factors that single a great android app apart from the rest.

Creating an Android app without any consideration

Almost anyone can create an app today. But not everyone can make it great by just going with the flow. Every method involves careful consideration, depending on who your targeted audience is and knowing what kind of app would be widely utilized and for the best reasons. For example, in November 2013, an Android app called Yik Yak was created. It was mainly targeted for anonymous uses for every college student within their vicinity. It allowed these college students to converse but never revealing their identity.

Apps that are great and well-designed are often well sought out and designed to promote positivity. In the case of Yik Yak, it was pretty popular until it was removed in 2016, for sparking anonymous cyberbullying. The main feature that the developers thought would render fruitful results, turned into havoc; adding to its demise. Don’t forget to choose right hosting for your website.

A few pointers for the Android app developers

There has always been a rivalry in the case of Android vs. IOS, with IOS taking the reins in the app race. It was to the point that almost anyone assumed that creating just about any kind of app, would work for Android. This should never be the case. When attempting to create an Android app, one should always focus on the governing truths that every great creation encompasses. This includes

  • Simplicity
  • Usage across all devices
  • Screen density
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unification with phone functionality
  • Features


When attempting to create an Android app, one should always consider keeping it as simple as possible. If you’ve noticed, not many users are tech wizzes and often appreciate apps that are as simple as possible but impactful in comparison. The biggest number of users in the world are mainly millennials, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t older people using it. Creating a simple app doesn’t mean it should lack in features but to create one that’s perfect for all.

Usage across all devices

Okay, there are times when not everyone has access to mobile phones that can run apps, and have the usage of other devices like laptops and home PC’s which are a little more conventional as compared to Android and IOS phones. Creating an app that can work across all platforms or devices, is a huge plus point for any app. All that’s said means to create apps that are suitable to every time and space with constant improvements over time if needed.

Screen density

In simple words, no one likes a low pixelated screen, where the quality of the picture is almost unidentifiable. For this reason, create apps that use high-level codes to improve picture quality across all platforms. All developers have to scale codes according to various devices.

User-friendly interface

Speaking of keeping things simple, make sure every app you create has a user-friendly interface. Yes, a few people still adhere to laptops and desktops, but the largest degree of users lie in mobile phones. For this reason, it is better to create an app that allows the targeted public to have smooth operative functions with less effort applied. Like for instance, bigger tab or touch buttons, allowing easy access.

Unification with phone functionality

Since the maximum number of population uses mobile phones rather than laptops or PCs, you need to create each app according to mobile functionalities. For example, apps that allow one-touch phone calls or choosing clientele numbers or even allowing GPS tracking, etc.


The features of every app are by far one of the most important things to consider. For instance, the amount of memory in mobile phones are a lot different as compared to the memory in desktops or laptops. Applications have to adhere to these basic specifications by involving code enhancements, suitable towards these platforms.

The same is the case with battery life that doesn’t relate to desktops or PCs. Creating applications that don’t hamper or drain out the battery life is imperative.

In Conclusion

Creating the perfect app for Android users, should never be taken lightly, only if you wish to have your app on the top of every user list; ranging from a variety to effective features; scaling out successful platforms.




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