Explore Some of the Top Android Calculator Apps for Catering to Your Math Needs

A calculator app seems to be a pretty basic yet quite important app present on your phone. Everyone needs to constantly handle calculations in their day-to-day existence. A calculator app comes to your rescue when you are just exasperated and not able to deal with complicated Math calculations. A calculator app would be allowing you to do all the Math calculations using your smartphone on the go. The calculator app in Android smartphones currently seems to be fairly feature-packed and quite capable of handling a few complicated equations.

Previously Math teachers would always be warning us that there wouldn’t be calculators wherever we go. However, today almost everyone has a smartphone that helps you in accessing hundreds of competent calculator apps wherever you go. As there are a plethora of options, it could be pretty challenging to identify the right calculator app for your unique requirements. Let us explore the best free Android calculator apps that could help you in solving complicated Math problems in a jiffy. Today you are fortunate to have easy access to a host of Android calculator apps that provide reliable features and also, the confidence and power to solve complicated Math problems.

MyScript Calculator

The biggest issue you may encounter while you try solving Math equations using a calculator app would be entering the important data utilizing the on-screen buttons. Most of you are habituated to writing down and solving equations basically on a piece of paper. Hence, a switchover to on-screen buttons could make things dicey and certainly difficult unless you are using the competent MyScript Calculator app. This app would be letting you use a stylus pen or your hand for entering equations. Then the equations would be converted straightaway into digital equations. MyScript Calculator is used for solving equations in real-time. This fantastic calculator app from Android would be supporting all common operations including exponentials, brackets, constants, logarithms, trigonometry, etc.


ClevCalc is supposed to be a fantastic bunch of calculators that are all rolled seamlessly into one Android calculator app. It has the basics such as unit and currency converter. Moreover, it boasts of everything right from an ovulation calculator to a simple fuel cost calculator. You could consider choosing from numerous different themes that have been inspired essentially by Material Design. Even though the application has ads, you could easily get rid of them using an in-app purchase.


PhotoMath is supposed to be a free Android calculator app that has the ability of reading and solving mathematical expressions by using a camera of a smartphone in real-time. This is a truly handy calculator app for solving handwritten equations simply by pointing the smartphone camera at it. PhotoMath works fabulously and just takes a few seconds for identifying the handwriting, solving the equation, and delivering the perfect answer.

PhotoMath is known for providing a comprehensive step-by-step guide demonstrating how the problems have been solved individually. It is of great advantage to students who do not have any guidance from tutors and are often struggling to solve their complicated math problems. Moreover, parents could consider using the PhotoMath app for brushing up their memory while teaching Math at home to their children.

As per https://www.forbes.com, PhotoMath presently supports fundamentals of Arithmetic, decimal numbers, fractions, linear equations, and even functions such as logarithms, trigonometry, and algebra.  The PhotoMath app would be using OCR or optical character recognition technology for reading the equation and even calculating the answers in merely a few seconds.

CalcKit All-in-One Calculator

CalcKit All-in-One Calculator boasts of having more than 150 calculators, as well as, unit converters, editable calculator history, a calculator widget, a highly customizable RPN and scientific calculator, and more. Thanks to its broad spectrum of calculators, you could be easily solving practically everything right from simple unit conversions to complicated 3D geometry. CalcKit All-in-One Calculator seems to be a fantastic option for both professionals and students who are used to handling a wide variety of calculators in their day-to-day existence. Moreover, before approaching a lending organization such as LibertyLending.com for loans, you must use one of these brilliant Android calculators online to accurately calculate your total outstanding loan amount.


Calculator++ is an effective and smartly-designed Android calculator app that has an interface just like Google Calculator, It boasts of two basic layouts: Engineer and Standard. We understand that Standard mode would be offering all the basic calculation tools plus one-tap copy or paste, multi-digit support, and some other fundamental Math tools like constants. As far as, the Engineer mode is concerned, you could be using cutting-edge tools for solving problems such as trigonometry, logarithms, powers, etc.

The app boasts of another neat feature that is swipe-able buttons. You could be swiping up on a particular button for activating the option right on top and you could be swiping down for activating the option at the bottom. This app is highly customizable and boasts of numerous diverse theme options.  It has a widget meant for the home screen and has a fabulous floating window mode.

Calculator ++ offers certain automatic solutions for entering values faster and getting results. It could be including even gestures that make a terrific experience. Moreover, you could consider changing calculator themes and opt for using the widget on the home screen for faster access. The coolest feature is supposed to be the floating window that allows you to do all your calculations very much on the go.


CalcNote is a popular calculator app known for providing a Notepad-like interface. It is on this interface where all the problems seem to be listed on the left half while all the calculations are done in the right. CalcNote is great for competent management of finances and accounts since it allows you to go ahead and use all the cutting-edge Math operators. This calculator is great for calculating instantaneously.


With easy access to all these brilliant Android calculator apps, you could effortlessly solve most of the complicated Math problems. You could choose any one or more of the above discussed free calculator apps as per your unique requirements. Alternatively, you could even try out all these efficient calculator apps whenever you need to because they would be bringing diverse functionality.

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