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Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Marketing is continuously evolving with ever-increasing competition and market saturation. The need to keep up with the rapidly transforming digital marketing trends has pushed marketers to develop sound marketing strategies and growth tactics. This is largely due to Google’s recent algorithm updates and technological shifts which primarily focus on the combination of user engagement and social signals. With a steep rise in smartphone users, Google and other search engines are adopting sophisticated and smart technology like voice search to make it easier for users to discover information. With this being said, here are the 5 digital marketing trends for 2019 that marketers and business owners should be targeting.


Videos are one of the key areas that continue to woo users. Videos have the potential to grab more eyeballs than text or images. In fact, videos are shared 1000 times more than articles or images. Therefore, videos can be advantageous to gain more exposure to your products and services.

Be sure to optimize your videos to gain more targeted and relevant traffic. In this regard, You should include keywords in key areas like Title, links & description. Taking into consideration the intent of the users, you can include a question or answer that fulfills the desired goal for users. Eventually, this tactic can be a great way to generate highly targeted leads for your business.

Voice Search

Voice search is one of the coolest digital marketing trends of 2019. Since the voice searches heavily rely on keywords and content for driving website traffic, It is imperative to optimize all your pages for voice search. This technique will give you an edge over your competitors and can drive massive targeted traffic for lead generation.


For more precise and accurate results, Geotargeting should be incorporated in your digital marketing strategy to reach the customers. Geotargeting uses techniques like Geofencing to help businesses target potential customers according to their location. This is an amazing way to attract customers and create brand awareness.

In this context, Business can set up mobile ads based on users predefined geographic location. Alternatively, you can target ads based on your competitor’s strategy which is a great tactic to increase your brand awareness and engagement. If you are a small business and don’t know where to start, you can find more info about this subject here.

Personalized Emails

In 2019 Email will become more personal and mobile friendly. The focus will shift on optimizing content and emails for mobile users to increase lead generation and engagement. Crafting and curating personalized email that sparks customer’s interest brings more loyal customers and conversion. Therefore, It is important for marketers to create and short and memorable content that represents and highlight their brand.

As a big portion of users uses the mobile phone as their preferred device, It is important to optimize for the mobile platform.

Social Media Engagement

Previously, there was a time when customers use social media as a way to reach brands and businesses. But 2019 will witness brands reaching to customers to understand what their customers’ needs and wants. Creating and posting content capitalizing on the users’ interest can spur high-level engagement and help develop a personal relationship.

The businesses should focus on engaging with users through comments, posts, and messages to gain customer’s trust.


As SEO continues to evolve and advance, marketers are confronted with innumerable challenges. Thus, it is important to keep yourself updated and adapt to the changes. Keeping up with all these digital marketing trends is a great way to embark on your marketing strategies.

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